Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stripes & Suede

These past few days have been nonstop rain because of the tropical storm.  I woke up in the middle of the night to horrible thunder and lightning and went to move my car because my neighborhood can flood during heavy rains.  I woke up to slight flooding, nothing too horrible, but the rain has just been incessant! My school is about a 30-45 minute drive for me and it floods REALLY easily there, and whenever we are expected to get heavy rains the school recommends parking on the 3rd level or higher.  Umm.. but how are we supposed to get out? Luckily class was finally officially canceled for the day, unluckily it was canceled for classes 4pm and later, but my only class is 3pm to 4pm. After seeing pictures of cars completely underwater in Norfolk, though, I'm glad I decided to stay home! Luckily I have these pictures from over the weekend because the forecast was calling for rain Monday to Sunday!

2looks 0122looks 025
2looks 027
2looks 016
 Ray Bans wayfarers, Target headband, H&M shirt, UO necklace, thrifted skirt, Michelle D flats

Lately I have been a thrifting machine! I'm preparing for winter & trying to get lots of big comfy grandpa-style sweaters, because I know despite owning tons of pretty dresses and tights, there will be those days when I just want to throw on a big sweater or flannel, leggings, boots, and a big, warm coat.  I'm trying to be practical, but I also can't resist buying really beautiful impractical clothes. I'm hoping to do a little fall/winter shop update sometime between October 9 and 12, my fall break.. I've got some great finds & I can't seem to stop buying velvet, so if you are into the velvet trend you're in luck! I've even got some look-alikes of the Alexa Chung for Madewell Billie Velvet Shorts.

Anyways, as I said a couple of posts ago, I'm really into soft, textured pieces this season, and I'm definitely going for comfort & style. I feel like I didn't dress warm enough last winter! This skirt is a great example. It's sort of a faux-suede material.. it's incredibly soft & never wrinkles. I've realized that I have to be really careful with what I buy because I'm NOT an ironing girl.. so 90% of the time if there's an item that I love, but it will wrinkle easily, it will be left behind.  I've also been trying to stay away from printed skirts and buy more solids so I can remix more with sweaters & blouses.. so far so good!

2looks 0212looks 024
2looks 023
Patrick also let me take his picture! Documentation that the beard grows on.  Apparently he's going to shave it when his sister comes home (she's been gone since May, off to boot camp & now nuclear school for the navy).  He wants a fu manchu for a weekend as well...

2looks 030

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prim & Proper

This outfit is semi Gossip Girl inspired, semi Zooey Deschanel inspired. The outfit started with the skirt, & next the belt & shoes, but with the shirt.. I was completely stumped. I first paired it with a grey silk loose-fitted short sleeved shirt, but Pat and I both agreed it looked frumpy. After trying on possibly every top in my closet, I went to check my 2nd closet in the spare room (where I keep shop clothes/ a few spare clothes of my own) & remembered this blouse! I used to wear it to work when I was a hostess at a restaurant & kind of forgot about it since then.

outfitz 054outfitz 046
H&M blouse, H&M belt, thrifted skirt, Topshop shoes

Today I went to our first NSSLHA meeting- which is the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association. It's nice to start to become more involved with ODU because I was very active in school activities & leadership in high school- and during my two years at community college, there wasn't much opportunity. I tried to join the student government but it was completely disorganized, they didn't communicate when the meetings would be, etc. But there are some exciting things coming up for NSSLHA, & if I can get the money I MIGHT go to Philadelphia for the ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association) Convention, but I'm just finding out about it and it's a couple hundred dollars, so I will most likely have to wait until next year.. and it will be in San Francisco! So I can't complain too much about that! It's usually only a couple days long so maybe I will extend it and Patrick and I can have a mini vacation? Probably not, but I can dream, anyways!

outfitz 057outfitz 059
outfitz 045
Sorry if the colors/ exposure/ etc. on these pictures is a bit wonky! I'm at the school computer lab right now & edited them here & the screens don't show color too well. Ok, I am off to audiology to learn more about the internal ear! Have a wonderful day!

DesignerApparel Giveaway winner

And the winner is.....

Congrats, Kristi! Be sure to check your email for more information!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sessun Autumn/ Winter 2011

I usually don't post about high-end collections, but I just keep coming back to Sessun's Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection. The photography is outstanding and the styling is perfection. I think that the reason I really connect with this line is that it reminds me of Seattle.. the foggy, misty atmosphere, the rocky beaches, and plaid. The only thing missing is the mountains. This is exactly what I would wear if I lived in the Pacific Northwest. The collection is completely wearable, comfortable, and I'm definitely using it as inspiration on my thrifting trips! Toggles and stripes and khakis.. I'm in love. And believe it or not, looking at these photographs is actually putting me to tears! Maybe it's because it reminds me of where I want to be two years from now, maybe it's because of the sheer beauty, or maybe it's just because I am just an unstable, emotional wreck. Either way, I hope you can appreciate the beauty of Sessun as I do.

photos courtesy of Sessun

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sponsorships Now Available!

wedding 1079
After debating back and forth, I decided to accept sponsorships in order to support my blogging as well as Etsy shops, like mine, and other companies that I love.  I promise to offer super low rates & can features things such as giveaways, product reviews, and including clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. into my outfit photos! If you are interested in sponsoring Finders Keepers, please email me for more details, rates, and other inquiries!

Maroon Corduroy

I have a new obsession: corduroy. And velvet, at that. It's funny because last year Patrick kept telling me to find something corduroy or velvet because it's so soft. He has a thing for soft fabrics. We will walk around a store and he won't even look at the clothes, just walk by and feel them, and he tells me to get whatever is softest, even if it's the ugliest item in the store! Last time we went to H&M, before we left he made me do it with him. We started at the back of the store & walked to the front & he asked me what was softest. Don't get the wrong idea, it's not some weird fetish or anything. The boy just likes comfortable fabrics.. and I am totally on board this year! I've already collected two black velvet 90s dresses, this maroon corduroy skirt, and a dark green corduroy skirt. I am on the lookout for corduroy overalls and velvet shorts at the moment.

outfitz 030outfitz 039
outfitz 044

thrifted lace blouse, thrifted necklace, thrifted belt, thrifted skirt, J Shoes

I haven't been thrifting in three weeks and I am aching over here! Patrick & I have three (possibly four) great concerts coming up, which has sucked up all of my extra money! We are seeing Tallest Man on Earth in D.C., Joe Pug in Norfolk, Joanna Newsom in Richmond, and POSSIBLY Andrew Bird in D.C., if our final exam schedules allow it! I am also dying my hair redder in the next few weeks, if I can ever make an appointment! It's pretty sad that my schedule is so all-over-the-place that I can't even get a hair appointment within the next two weeks. 

outfitz 037
outfitz 036
outfitz 041
outfitz 028

And finally.. these shoes. I have been coveting these shoes since our Seattle trip in August. Want evidence? I spotted them in a little boutique and the price tag kept me away.. For me, anything over $50 is a splurge and these were over 3 times that. But, I waited and waited to see if I would still be as in love with them in time, and when I realized I was, I saved, and one day, J Shoes was offering 25% off anything in the store for their Twitter followers! I jumped on that chance and the shoes came about a week later. They are incredibly soft and the color is so rich and unlike anything else I own. Not to mention, they are incredibly easy to walk in, which is the highest priority for me since I walk all over campus on any given day. My two complaints? As soon as I put the shoes on, I noticed that by the toes the insole is a little bit loose. Nothing compromising wear ability, it's just an annoyance. Also, on the ends of the laces there are tassels and a metal square for decoration. This causes weight on the end of the laces and they come untied really easily. They aren't really long enough to double tie, and that doesn't look great anyways. Any tips on either of these issues would be much appreciated!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Romance

Usually in fall I'm all about the usual suspects: orange, brown, red, yellow, sweaters, wool, boots, etc.  It is nice to change it up every once in a while, though, and I was feeling up for a soft, romantic look this weekend.  Little did I know, Patrick surprised me with a date to our favorite Mexican restaurant that night as well! He has been so sweet lately (not like he isn't ALWAYS, just especially lately!). I came home yesterday after a loooong day to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a sweet love note, and a clean room! It was just what I needed. We have a couple of upcoming concerts, and I cannot wait. Mini-roadtrip concerts are kind of our thing, if you haven't been following for a while. Our first date was actually at a concert!

outfitz 001outfitz 008
outfitz 016

 Gap headband, H&M bracelet, necklace gift from Patrick, Forever 21 shirt, Target skirt, socks c/o We Love Colors, Kelsi Dagger suede Wilma wedges via Marshalls

I usually build my outfits based on one or two items I really want to wear, & I just start putting together things from there. I bought these Kelsi Dagger suede Wilma wedges from Marshalls about a month ago & I am obsessed with them! I'm usually not too much of a heel person, but these wedges are unbelievably comfortable and wearable! And best of all... I got them for $50 and they retail online for $170!

We Love Colors was kind enough to send me package with a few fall goodies, and I cannot wait to show you guys the beautiful tights (and not to mention the BEST quality tights I own).. but for now, the temps are still dangling between 75-80 and it's too hot by the afternoon to sport tights! Luckily, these tan nylon socks were perfect for the evening paired with my favorite new shoes! The socks are super soft & so easy to style. I can't wait to wear them with all of my boots!

outfitz 020outfitz 023
outfitz 010
outfitz 005
outfitz 025
outfitz 004
I also wanted to say thank you for your encouragement from my last post. All of your comments were so genuine and sincere and really, really gave me strength! I'm not a pushover, but I can get very sappy and I am very sensitive, so when someone says something that I'm completely not expecting and catches me off guard in a negative way, it can really affect me. It's something I think I will be working on for the rest of my life! I'm working on being strong and not letting others' opinions get to me. Giveaway: Juicy Couture earrings, a search enging that carries hunreds of popular name-brands, including some of my favorite dream brands like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Jimmy Choo,  is offering these gorgeous Juicy Couture- Couture on the Rocks Pyramid Stud earrings in jade to one lucky reader!'s shopping partners include Neiman Marcus, Zappos, ShopBop, Bluefly, Bloomingdales, Net-A-Porter, and Nordstrom. They have wonderful tools including price comparison, sale notification, and free shipping notice!

jade jade2
Sorry international friends, but this giveaway is open to U.S. & Canadian readers only! One entry per reader. For an extra entry, tweet or blog about this giveaway & link back to the post! The giveaway ends Sunday, September 26 at 9pm ET! Good luck everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

& the winner of the pretty, dainty pearl & bow earrings is......

Congrats, Meghan, and be sure to check your email! I hope you love the earrings! Be sure to check back very soon, because I will be holding another giveaway, and all of you earring fanatics will be in luck again!

Friday, September 17, 2010

And I present to you... Layers!

Lately all I've been wanting to do is layer. I'm beginning to stock up on tights, sweaters, etc... yet every single afternoon I am sweating if I even wear a light cardigan! Le sigh. Luckily, it was rainy and 75 (I can justify a light sweater at 75 and rainy) all day Sunday so I just had to sport my new American Apparel red cardigan (I've wanted a red cardigan for the past 2 or 3 years.. why have I never invested?) and Jeffrey Campbell look-alike boots I thrifted a few weeks ago! They are one of my favorite pairs of shoes right now and I wish I could sport them more often. I'm sure by winter you guys will be sick of seeing me wear them!

picnic 003picnic 002
picnic 007

forever 21 bow, American Apparel cardigan, Tru. che necklace, belt from trade with Tieka, thrifted dress, thrifted socks, thrifted boots

My amazing necklace is from Tru. che on Etsy. Stevie is from Chicago, and she makes fine silver necklaces and earrings, along with a few wood pieces. You can customize any item, like putting the heart in the state necklaces by your hometown or favorite city. Ever since my fascination with Washington began, I had been eying the Washington necklace and finally decided to just go for it about two weeks ago, and only on rare days does the necklace come off. It's a great conversation started as well!

picnic 016picnic 005
picnic 006
picnic 019
picnic 009

I have to be honest, the past few days I have felt pretty drained emotionally. I don't want to go too much into detail, but I met with someone important the other day and I felt like they had nothing but negative things to say. I talked with several close friends about the situation and no one could really believe what that person said and HOW they said it. I just want to say this to you guys: DO NOT EVER let someone tell you that you cannot achieve your goals. Don't let someone tell you what you are capable and not capable of doing. No one has that right. And if they do say those words, no one is in control but you. After talking with that person, I would tear up every time I thought about it and begin to doubt myself, but realized that the situation will just make me stronger and more determined. Remember that and hold it close to your heart! You ARE good enough and you CAN succeed in all of your goals.