Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prim & Proper

This outfit is semi Gossip Girl inspired, semi Zooey Deschanel inspired. The outfit started with the skirt, & next the belt & shoes, but with the shirt.. I was completely stumped. I first paired it with a grey silk loose-fitted short sleeved shirt, but Pat and I both agreed it looked frumpy. After trying on possibly every top in my closet, I went to check my 2nd closet in the spare room (where I keep shop clothes/ a few spare clothes of my own) & remembered this blouse! I used to wear it to work when I was a hostess at a restaurant & kind of forgot about it since then.

outfitz 054outfitz 046
H&M blouse, H&M belt, thrifted skirt, Topshop shoes

Today I went to our first NSSLHA meeting- which is the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association. It's nice to start to become more involved with ODU because I was very active in school activities & leadership in high school- and during my two years at community college, there wasn't much opportunity. I tried to join the student government but it was completely disorganized, they didn't communicate when the meetings would be, etc. But there are some exciting things coming up for NSSLHA, & if I can get the money I MIGHT go to Philadelphia for the ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association) Convention, but I'm just finding out about it and it's a couple hundred dollars, so I will most likely have to wait until next year.. and it will be in San Francisco! So I can't complain too much about that! It's usually only a couple days long so maybe I will extend it and Patrick and I can have a mini vacation? Probably not, but I can dream, anyways!

outfitz 057outfitz 059
outfitz 045
Sorry if the colors/ exposure/ etc. on these pictures is a bit wonky! I'm at the school computer lab right now & edited them here & the screens don't show color too well. Ok, I am off to audiology to learn more about the internal ear! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! The belt is so cute and the skirt is fabulous :)
    Btw I love Gossip Girl.

  2. What a lovely, chic outfit!! I love the colour of your shirt and the polka dots, you look so sweet!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Yup this outfit is a bit Zooey, but totally fantastic!

    I'm glad you're enjoying ODU

  4. Great look! I love the polka dot skirt! I hope you make it to the convention:)

  5. Cute outfit! I love the shoes. It makes the whole look very casual, which I love.

    It's great that you found a way to be more involved. I still go to community college right now and I agree that the clubs are so disorganized! I am supposedly still apart of the honor society here, but haven't done anything for it in a year or so. It just didn't feel like how a club should!

  6. I read you on my Google Reader, but hadn't realized you were in speech! :) (I just started my CFY). Hope you enjoy NSSLHA! Love the shoes.

  7. cutee! i loveee the skirt n shoes :DD


  8. SO CUTE. i am all about polka dots and bows this year. getting involved in school activities is so worth it! i was in so many clubs in high school and when i went to college i was totally overwhelmed that i just kind of stayed out of student affairs. finally i joined an a capella group my sophomore year and it was so much fun!

  9. Aww, this outfit is so amazing! I love the little belt too!

  10. Aw, I LOVE your brogues! Such a pretty color. I could never pull off that style of shoe, it just feels wrong, but they look so good on you.