Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stripes & Suede

These past few days have been nonstop rain because of the tropical storm.  I woke up in the middle of the night to horrible thunder and lightning and went to move my car because my neighborhood can flood during heavy rains.  I woke up to slight flooding, nothing too horrible, but the rain has just been incessant! My school is about a 30-45 minute drive for me and it floods REALLY easily there, and whenever we are expected to get heavy rains the school recommends parking on the 3rd level or higher.  Umm.. but how are we supposed to get out? Luckily class was finally officially canceled for the day, unluckily it was canceled for classes 4pm and later, but my only class is 3pm to 4pm. After seeing pictures of cars completely underwater in Norfolk, though, I'm glad I decided to stay home! Luckily I have these pictures from over the weekend because the forecast was calling for rain Monday to Sunday!

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 Ray Bans wayfarers, Target headband, H&M shirt, UO necklace, thrifted skirt, Michelle D flats

Lately I have been a thrifting machine! I'm preparing for winter & trying to get lots of big comfy grandpa-style sweaters, because I know despite owning tons of pretty dresses and tights, there will be those days when I just want to throw on a big sweater or flannel, leggings, boots, and a big, warm coat.  I'm trying to be practical, but I also can't resist buying really beautiful impractical clothes. I'm hoping to do a little fall/winter shop update sometime between October 9 and 12, my fall break.. I've got some great finds & I can't seem to stop buying velvet, so if you are into the velvet trend you're in luck! I've even got some look-alikes of the Alexa Chung for Madewell Billie Velvet Shorts.

Anyways, as I said a couple of posts ago, I'm really into soft, textured pieces this season, and I'm definitely going for comfort & style. I feel like I didn't dress warm enough last winter! This skirt is a great example. It's sort of a faux-suede material.. it's incredibly soft & never wrinkles. I've realized that I have to be really careful with what I buy because I'm NOT an ironing girl.. so 90% of the time if there's an item that I love, but it will wrinkle easily, it will be left behind.  I've also been trying to stay away from printed skirts and buy more solids so I can remix more with sweaters & blouses.. so far so good!

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Patrick also let me take his picture! Documentation that the beard grows on.  Apparently he's going to shave it when his sister comes home (she's been gone since May, off to boot camp & now nuclear school for the navy).  He wants a fu manchu for a weekend as well...

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  1. I really like this outfit. It looks comfy and cute, plus I love the suede!

    Patrick's beard is awesome! My boyfriend wishes he could grow one, but sadly, he can't.

  2. We've been experiencing the same tropical storm! It's so hot and humid while drizzling and pouring rain outside. I can't wait until cooler temperatures.

  3. Patrick is starting to look like Sam Beam haha

  4. I want to be a thrifting machine!!! I can't wait till this weekend so I can start! And the rain can definitley come to end anytime time now. I had to be at work and it was such a waste of time. Oh well!

  5. This outfit is so cute. Love your little bow necklace :)

  6. Cute cute cute outfit! And Necklace!

  7. THis is super cute! I like the bow necklace too :)

    My husband tried growing out his beard but his hair grows so weird!!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  8. It's been pouring down rain in Harrisonburg, too! Today the sun is finally out...I'm so happy! You look darling, as love love your striped top! I really miss you Brit :)

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, it really made me smile! I love these pictures too, the light is beautiful, and the striped top is so chic!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  10. Woah, look at that badass beard!! I love it, and I know Joe is jealous.

    And I love this outfit. Stripes and suede ftw!

  11. love your necklace! it's so sweet!!