Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shine down, light rays

Shelby and I had a lovely little photoshoot before we ate fish tacos. The lighting was absolutely perfect in this secret little forest hidden in her neighborhood.

mt trashmore & shelby 029
mt trashmore & shelby 111
mt trashmore & shelby 033
mt trashmore & shelby 036

This lovely little belt was found at an antique mall for a mere $5! I thought for sure there was a mistake on the price tag. He is my new best friend and you can be sure you will be seeing him often around here.  Any name suggestions?

mt trashmore & shelby 032
mt trashmore & shelby 092mt trashmore & shelby 084
mt trashmore & shelby 062
mt trashmore & shelby 094
mt trashmore & shelby 102

This blog is in a transition stage.  My interests, style, and priorities are shifting and I fully expected this when I started the blog.  It was anticipated and welcomed.  In the next few weeks, months, and years, I will be going through some incredible life changes and I am so happy that I have this blog to document everything.  When I look at my blog's first few entries, it's incredible where it has lead me.  While I still post outfits for almost every post, I now include so much more and hope to continually expand my content.  I hope you guys will stay with me as I find myself through this blog and share my journey.

Outfit Details:
Hat: thrifted
Blouse: thrifted
Belt: antique mall
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: ?

Currently Playing: Band of Horses, "NW Apartment"
(Anyone else loving the new Band of Horses album? It's been on constant repeat for me! Of course, I love this song for obvious reasons! Pat and I sing it as loud as we can and always talk about how amazing our life in Seattle is going to be.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shop Update!

I FINALLY was able to gather the time to do a shop update! Here are some of the items for sale:
Click here to go to my shop & buy your favorite item! Plus, I'm in the process of updating my sale section so keep checking back the next few days!

Thank you, Shelby, for being my wonderful model!

"Mountain" of Virginia Beach

We took a trip to the good ole Virginia Beach "Mountain".. aka, Mt. Trashmore. I live right next door and let me tell you.. it is HARDLY a mountain and I promise it doesn't smell of trash. The foundations of Mt. Trashmore is compost.. a very eco-friendly site! But there's a playground, a bike & running path, and a lake. Overall a very peaceful place! You can expect to see lots of little kiddies (and maybe us too) rolling down the hill!
mt trashmore & shelby 005
mt trashmore & shelby 007
mt trashmore & shelby 010
Lately I'm in love with anything lacey! This blouse was borrowed from my shop. Everything here except for the shoes was thrifted! I've been meaning to wear this little scarf since winter, but just wasn't sure of the right outfit. It's 100% silk & made in the USA, I believe it to be from the 1950s or 1960s. I have two other sisters of this scarf that I will try to incorporate into outfits sometime this summer!
mt trashmore & shelby 016
mt trashmore & shelby 013
Oh, and since Patrick was making fun of me for doing some goofy things in this photo shoot, I made him take an outfit picture to see how easy it is! Hm.. well.. he tried, right?
mt trashmore & shelby 023

Outfit Details:
Scarf: thrifted
Blouse: thrifted (in the shop)
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: H&M

Currently Playing: Donavon Frankenreiter, "These Arms"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Virginia's Eastern Shore: Trip Post

The continuation from my outfit post! As you know, we took a day trip to the Eastern Shore last week! We didn't leave until about noon, so we got to sleep in.. Pat went surfing for a few hours and I ran some errands. I went to Borders (is anyone a Borders Rewards member?  They send you coupons via email & they are some incredible deals, once I got 50% off any book & last week was 35%!) & bought the "Nikon D3000 For Dummies" book.  What a straightforward guide! Highly recommended.  It made some great "roadtrip" reading! (I say "roadtrip" because the Eastern Shore is less than 1 hr away!)
See that happy little hippo up there? We call him our love child. He was rescued from a surf shop in the Outer Banks last year.  The snow globe was my souvenir for Patrick from New York in February.. he asked me to bring him a snow globe like the one in "Elf".. little did I know what a raucus this snow globe would cause! Silly me didn't know I couldn't put it with my luggage and had go all the way back through security and check it by itself. But I knew he'd be so disappointed without that snow globe!
Most of the houses in the Easter Shore are so charming! If a beach house and a cottage had a baby.. you'd get one of these houses.  I'd love a vacation here once we've made it big in Seattle, yet the only issue is, unless you live near downtown (which is an extra 45 minutes from Cape Charles, where we spent most of our day), you are pretty far from more civilization, excluding more houses & farmland.  Not to mention.. the bridge toll to get back to Virginia Beach is about $17 for both ways! 
While stopping for visitor information, we asked the guy for a recommendation for lunch.  He suggested a place called West right down the street. Fair enough. We gave it a shot.. and I'm not one to complain.. but it was pretty awful!!! We coined the soup "Depression Soup" because it was pretty much potatoes and water.  It was supposed to be New England Clam Chowder.  I think we had about 3 dehydrated clams in the soup total.  Patrick ordered a BLT to be safe and I ordered fish and chips.  The fish was obviously fresh because I almost choked on bones every other bite.
Last but not least, we made our way to several antique and thrift shops.  The thrift stores we went to were awful, and sadly the only one that looked like it had a chance was closed.  We did find this adorable little antique shop with amazing prices, however.  I ended up buying two hats for the shop.. and Pat was intrigued by this ghost book.
When we got home we just spent the day lounging around and taking pictures. I love days like this.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Virginia's Eastern Shore: Outfit Post

Last weekend, Patrick and I took a little day trip to the Eastern Shore.  Patrick lives in a neighborhood right by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the bridge you have to take to get to the Eastern Shore (and my Starbucks is right down the street) and it is absolutely amazing how driving over the 10 minute bridge can take you from one universe to another.  Virginia Beach is more city/suburban while the Eastern Shore is almost completely rural.  If you have ever dreamed of abandoned houses.. you'd be home at the Eastern Shore. I wanted to venture in a few for photos but Pat wouldn't let me! Sigh. Maybe someday!



It was a chilly & rainy day so I just had to reach for my favorite 1970s pale yellow raincoat.. which just so happens to be on sale at my shop here! The dress is also for sale in my shop riiight here, although you can't see it very well in these pictures (we just snapped & hopped back in the car because of the rain!). There were tons of these wildflowers growing on the side of the road & I couldn't resist.. the colors just seemed meant to be paired with my coat!

The necklace has easily become one of my favorites and I haven't taken it off since it came in the mail last week. Lushae Jewelry generously offered me any piece in their collection and it took me several days to decide because I truly loved so many pieces. My necklace arrived within days of the order and was beautifully packaged.  The quality of the necklace is truly stunning and the gold chain is incredibly sturdy! You can expect to see many more outfits featuring this necklace. Check out Lushae Jewelry & see the unique designs for yourself!

Tomorrow morning I will be posting about our actual trip, so stay tuned!

Outfit Details:
Raincoat: Vintage, from shop
Dress: Vintage, from shop
Necklace: courtesy of Lushae Jewelry (available here)
Belt: H&M
Boots: Sam Edelman

Currently Playing: Langhorne Slim, "I Love You, But Goodbye"