Monday, May 24, 2010

Virginia's Eastern Shore: Trip Post

The continuation from my outfit post! As you know, we took a day trip to the Eastern Shore last week! We didn't leave until about noon, so we got to sleep in.. Pat went surfing for a few hours and I ran some errands. I went to Borders (is anyone a Borders Rewards member?  They send you coupons via email & they are some incredible deals, once I got 50% off any book & last week was 35%!) & bought the "Nikon D3000 For Dummies" book.  What a straightforward guide! Highly recommended.  It made some great "roadtrip" reading! (I say "roadtrip" because the Eastern Shore is less than 1 hr away!)
See that happy little hippo up there? We call him our love child. He was rescued from a surf shop in the Outer Banks last year.  The snow globe was my souvenir for Patrick from New York in February.. he asked me to bring him a snow globe like the one in "Elf".. little did I know what a raucus this snow globe would cause! Silly me didn't know I couldn't put it with my luggage and had go all the way back through security and check it by itself. But I knew he'd be so disappointed without that snow globe!
Most of the houses in the Easter Shore are so charming! If a beach house and a cottage had a baby.. you'd get one of these houses.  I'd love a vacation here once we've made it big in Seattle, yet the only issue is, unless you live near downtown (which is an extra 45 minutes from Cape Charles, where we spent most of our day), you are pretty far from more civilization, excluding more houses & farmland.  Not to mention.. the bridge toll to get back to Virginia Beach is about $17 for both ways! 
While stopping for visitor information, we asked the guy for a recommendation for lunch.  He suggested a place called West right down the street. Fair enough. We gave it a shot.. and I'm not one to complain.. but it was pretty awful!!! We coined the soup "Depression Soup" because it was pretty much potatoes and water.  It was supposed to be New England Clam Chowder.  I think we had about 3 dehydrated clams in the soup total.  Patrick ordered a BLT to be safe and I ordered fish and chips.  The fish was obviously fresh because I almost choked on bones every other bite.
Last but not least, we made our way to several antique and thrift shops.  The thrift stores we went to were awful, and sadly the only one that looked like it had a chance was closed.  We did find this adorable little antique shop with amazing prices, however.  I ended up buying two hats for the shop.. and Pat was intrigued by this ghost book.
When we got home we just spent the day lounging around and taking pictures. I love days like this.


  1. hehe cute hippo

    oh man, that is the worst lunch ever. maybe the guy was playing a joke on you? jerk. that fish sandwich sounds beyond bad, sorry about the bones

  2. Fun day, despite the sub-par lunch! You guys are adorable.


  3. That looks like such a lovely vacation! Those houses are a dream...I'm loving the pictures with your new camera, dear!

    Oh, and keep an eye out on your mailbox! :)

  4. I love cute houses like those! Glad you guys had a good time, despite the bad food and antique shops. It's about doing it together, not about where you go, right? :)

  5. I love your blog! The posts are so personal and adorable. I feel like you took me on the trip with you. :)

  6. What you encountered on the Eastern Shore is the norm - terrible food, bad attitudes and lots of junk being sold as collectibles/antiques.
    Unfortunately, I'm stuck here. They have a term for outsiders: come heres. And you get treated differently if you're a "from here" or a "come here" - I've been here for almost 2 decades and still a "come here". And the service people (plumbers, electr. etc) don't call you back to make an appt and if you're lucky enough to get an appt, they just don't show up.
    It's a pretty miserable place to live, so if you're thinking about it for the future, you might want to rethink or at least spend much more time checking it out.
    BTW, you better have lots of money to fix up one of those cute(?) houses - usually full of rot and termites. You'll also probably have to update all the electric and plumbing.

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