Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maroon Corduroy

I have a new obsession: corduroy. And velvet, at that. It's funny because last year Patrick kept telling me to find something corduroy or velvet because it's so soft. He has a thing for soft fabrics. We will walk around a store and he won't even look at the clothes, just walk by and feel them, and he tells me to get whatever is softest, even if it's the ugliest item in the store! Last time we went to H&M, before we left he made me do it with him. We started at the back of the store & walked to the front & he asked me what was softest. Don't get the wrong idea, it's not some weird fetish or anything. The boy just likes comfortable fabrics.. and I am totally on board this year! I've already collected two black velvet 90s dresses, this maroon corduroy skirt, and a dark green corduroy skirt. I am on the lookout for corduroy overalls and velvet shorts at the moment.

outfitz 030outfitz 039
outfitz 044

thrifted lace blouse, thrifted necklace, thrifted belt, thrifted skirt, J Shoes

I haven't been thrifting in three weeks and I am aching over here! Patrick & I have three (possibly four) great concerts coming up, which has sucked up all of my extra money! We are seeing Tallest Man on Earth in D.C., Joe Pug in Norfolk, Joanna Newsom in Richmond, and POSSIBLY Andrew Bird in D.C., if our final exam schedules allow it! I am also dying my hair redder in the next few weeks, if I can ever make an appointment! It's pretty sad that my schedule is so all-over-the-place that I can't even get a hair appointment within the next two weeks. 

outfitz 037
outfitz 036
outfitz 041
outfitz 028

And finally.. these shoes. I have been coveting these shoes since our Seattle trip in August. Want evidence? I spotted them in a little boutique and the price tag kept me away.. For me, anything over $50 is a splurge and these were over 3 times that. But, I waited and waited to see if I would still be as in love with them in time, and when I realized I was, I saved, and one day, J Shoes was offering 25% off anything in the store for their Twitter followers! I jumped on that chance and the shoes came about a week later. They are incredibly soft and the color is so rich and unlike anything else I own. Not to mention, they are incredibly easy to walk in, which is the highest priority for me since I walk all over campus on any given day. My two complaints? As soon as I put the shoes on, I noticed that by the toes the insole is a little bit loose. Nothing compromising wear ability, it's just an annoyance. Also, on the ends of the laces there are tassels and a metal square for decoration. This causes weight on the end of the laces and they come untied really easily. They aren't really long enough to double tie, and that doesn't look great anyways. Any tips on either of these issues would be much appreciated!


  1. love the colors in this outfit, apple reds and dusty blues. The mix of textures is also intriguing between the lace and courdoroy

    please see Bird if you get the chance, his concert in DC last year was one of the best I've ever been too.

  2. Great outfit! And those shoes are great, sounds like you got a good deal on them.

    I'm am totally the same as Patrick! I go around feeling everything in the stores and usually buy the things that are soft. I guess my touch sense is the strongest haha.

    But yes, I'm totally on the corduroy train. I bought a cord jumper a month ago and have been looking to buy a lot more of it too!

  3. I'm after some velvet this fall too! I had no idea I would come back to that fabric after being forced into it as a kid, but the Alexa Chung for Madewell really changed my mind about it.

    Not sure how to help with the booties, maybe there's a sailors knot out there that will help keep them tied.

  4. You look looks so good on you! And the shoes are AMAZING!

  5. You look super cute! I'm a big fan of comfy fabrics too!

  6. such a pretty autumn look - i especially like those shoes.

  7. love that lacy top! This look is great for the fall!!!

  8. The skirt would look better if it was a wider wale. Still a great look