Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Romance

Usually in fall I'm all about the usual suspects: orange, brown, red, yellow, sweaters, wool, boots, etc.  It is nice to change it up every once in a while, though, and I was feeling up for a soft, romantic look this weekend.  Little did I know, Patrick surprised me with a date to our favorite Mexican restaurant that night as well! He has been so sweet lately (not like he isn't ALWAYS, just especially lately!). I came home yesterday after a loooong day to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a sweet love note, and a clean room! It was just what I needed. We have a couple of upcoming concerts, and I cannot wait. Mini-roadtrip concerts are kind of our thing, if you haven't been following for a while. Our first date was actually at a concert!

outfitz 001outfitz 008
outfitz 016

 Gap headband, H&M bracelet, necklace gift from Patrick, Forever 21 shirt, Target skirt, socks c/o We Love Colors, Kelsi Dagger suede Wilma wedges via Marshalls

I usually build my outfits based on one or two items I really want to wear, & I just start putting together things from there. I bought these Kelsi Dagger suede Wilma wedges from Marshalls about a month ago & I am obsessed with them! I'm usually not too much of a heel person, but these wedges are unbelievably comfortable and wearable! And best of all... I got them for $50 and they retail online for $170!

We Love Colors was kind enough to send me package with a few fall goodies, and I cannot wait to show you guys the beautiful tights (and not to mention the BEST quality tights I own).. but for now, the temps are still dangling between 75-80 and it's too hot by the afternoon to sport tights! Luckily, these tan nylon socks were perfect for the evening paired with my favorite new shoes! The socks are super soft & so easy to style. I can't wait to wear them with all of my boots!

outfitz 020outfitz 023
outfitz 010
outfitz 005
outfitz 025
outfitz 004
I also wanted to say thank you for your encouragement from my last post. All of your comments were so genuine and sincere and really, really gave me strength! I'm not a pushover, but I can get very sappy and I am very sensitive, so when someone says something that I'm completely not expecting and catches me off guard in a negative way, it can really affect me. It's something I think I will be working on for the rest of my life! I'm working on being strong and not letting others' opinions get to me.


  1. You look gorgeous, my beautiful beautiful friend. How ironic is it that I almost got that EXACT skirt while I was home this weekend?! It's so pretty and romantic. I stop & look at it every single time I'm in Target. Also, your wedges are FABULOUS....they look awesome on you!

  2. I love that lace skirt

    Patrick sounds like the best boyfriend ever. No, he is the best ever haha

  3. The wedges are insanely gorgeous.
    The colors of this outfit are perfect.


  4. I meant to comment on what you said in your post, and i know what you mean when you say you were emotionally drained and there really is no other feeling that leaves you feeling more exhausted...so i'm so so so sorry you had to feel like that, and i'm so glad your guy is taking care of you. i think you're so creative and adorable!

    also, i'm a hairdresser and let me just say that i would kill for your hair and there are girls that have me do that to their hair everyday, so you're so lucky to have such naturally beautiful hair, and your kids will love you for it, among other things of course...

  5. You look super cute in those socks. They look great with the skirt and pokka dot top.

  6. Oh, what a darling color combo. The shoes are a perfectly tough counterpoint and I adore the dusty pink on you. It can be a hard color to do but you get it just right! And good for you, staying strong.


  7. You look great Brittany! It's always nice to wear colors other than the typical "fall" colors during this time of year.

    And how sweet of Patrick! Haha, sometimes when I get stressed Gavin offers to clean my room too. But I never let him, I'm too much of a perfectionist when it comes to where stuff in my room should go haha

  8. Your bf is so sweet to you! I love it when mine offers to help me out when i am stressed. It shows how much they love you, honestly.

    I love your skirt! I actually saw it at target today and wanted to buy it so bad in white. The lace is just so sweet and feminine.

  9. hmmm wonder what Patrick has up his sleeve??! hehe

    You look so pretty (but you always do!) I love the way you paired the lace skirt with the polka dot top...perfect!

  10. i lovee ur skirt,, its prettyy!!


  11. Love the lacy skirt and booties!
    P.S. You can buy Family Affairs at their online store. It's actually where I'm always linking. You click through the lookbook and on the picture you like and it goes to the sale page where the price for that item is listed. I suggest looking at past seasons b/c they're always on sale; it's mostly where I buy from!

  12. I love your shoes! In fact, I love everything about this outfit. good work!