Friday, August 13, 2010

Seattle: Shops, Markets, & Exploring

One of my favorite things about Seattle was the abundance of markets, vintage shops, antique malls, & little boutiques filled to the brim with unique items & brands you won't find elsewhere.  Unfortunately, the only markets we were able to make it to the Freemont Sunday Market & Pike Place Market.  Pike Place was undoubtedly crowded, and we tried to get in and get out as quickly as possible, just to say we went.  Although I'm not one for crowds, we ended up going back to Pike Place three different times.  Even though it's one of the biggest tourist attractions, there is no doubt that the food was incredible there.. but I'm saving the food for a separate post!

The Freemont Flea (Freemont Sunday Market) was by far my favorite shopping destination.  Although not pictures, I was able to score a Pentax K1000 with two lenses: 50mm and 135mm.  And it set me back a mere $25! I found out that I'm actually a good haggler. I've been wanting this camera for months & it retails online for $150-300, not including the 135mm lens! There were tons of handmade & vintage items at the flea, it will definitely be one of my weekly visits when we move.

Patrick also his new favorite music shop in Freemont.  The walls were completely lined top brand guitars in impeccable condition.  A unique feature of this shop was the harp selection, and one of the workers actually taught Patrick the dynamics of the harp in about 15 minutes and with a little practice, he was playing pretty little melodies!

Between all of the shops, mostly in the Freemont & Capitol Hill districts, mural art was everywhere, so we made sure to snap a few shots of those as well!

Seattle 210Seattle 219
Seattle 215
Seattle 221
Seattle 237
 Seattle 238
Seattle 239
Seattle 240
 Seattle 253
Seattle 257
Seattle 275
Seattle 274
Seattle 246
Seattle 258
Seattle 308
Seattle 311


  1. It's so funny/cool to see all those spots that I'm pretty familiar with. I have enjoyed the Freemont market a number of times, especially the food and then I would nip over to Theo Chocolates for the free samples. :)

  2. This post makes me want to visit Seattle again! Such a fun city. Looks like you had a great time at the markets.

  3. Wow, these pictures are awesome. I love all of those murals!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Brittany! You and Patrick just belong in Seattle, it shows. I'm so bummed I couldn't meet you there, but you'll just have to hurry and move sooner!

  5. You look like you are in heaven! And I agree, you both fit in so well there - you have found your place!

  6. Amazing photos! Makes me sad that I'm not there.

  7. All of these photos are excellent. The one of the banjos is mesmerizing!

  8. oh wow, this looks like my kind of city!! :)

  9. I'm so glad you two adored Seattle just as much as you expected to! It's so rare when things live up to our expectations, but I'm so glad you two have found your new home! That's how Seattle felt to me, just like it fit. Hopefully one day we will both be there and I can grab pho with you! :)

    I love Discovery Park, although when my Dad and I went we ended up doing much more hiking than we needed to because we went on the wrong path haha. It was so beautiful though that it was totally worth it