Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seattle: The Beautiful Outdoors

After spending five nights and six days in Seattle, I have come to the conclusion (as expected) that I'm absolutely in love. Both Patrick and I feel completely inspired, more than ever, to work hard, save our money, and get to Washington.  I cannot even explain the beauty of Seattle, the kindness we encountered, and the memories we shared.  Seattle is definitely a big city, yet remains quaint and charming.  I have so many pictures I would like to share with you guys, so I will be having several posts, each with a theme.  Today, the wilderness & outdoors is my focus!

While at the Joanna Newsom & Robin Pecknold show (which, unfortunately, I could not bring my camera to), the lovely couple sitting next to us (in the VERY top row, which was unbearably hot since Seattle doesn't have A.C. & it happened to be about 80 that night.. the rest of our nights were a cool 60 or so), recommended Discovery Park. I was imagining just a big, open, green field with lots of flowers & such.  Luckily I wore jeans & Keds, but Patrick wore flip flops, & you can imagine our shock when we realized Discovery Park is more of an actual HIKE! Nevertheless, the park was absolutely beautiful & a must-see if you are ever in the area.  We earned our pho that afternoon after five miles of walking up steep paths & rocky trails.. but more on the pho later. I hope you enjoy the beauty of Discovery Park & the Puget Sound, as we were lucky enough to encounter it!
Seattle 064
Seattle 096
Seattle 158
Seattle 181
Seattle 126
Seattle 148
Seattle 153
Seattle 101


  1. I loved flipping through all your photos on FB, but these are really nice. I can't imagine how much fun it had to be in a big city like that. I'm sure it has a much different vibe than big cities on the East Coast.

  2. These photos are beautiful, and the two of you are adorable! Happy to hear you enjoyed Seattle :)

  3. So beautiful! You guys look unbelievably happy in that picture...I can't wait to hear more about the trip!

  4. What a gorgeous hike this is! Great pictures & Thanks for sharing them! I love discovering new spots.

  5. this is awesome. stoked on seeing more pics!

  6. Gorgeous photos! I can't wait to see more of your trip!

  7. Beautiful photos. I have friends who are photographers out there and that constant muted light makes for great photos!