Sunday, July 25, 2010


Bloggers, meet my new baby: Diana Dreamer F+.  I received her in the mail about a week ago & she's given me a little trouble so far, but hopefully my first roll of film will turn out (fingers crossed!). Although the Diana is a toy camera, I have never actually loaded film before , nevertheless 120 format film. But alas, the kind people at Ritz Camera helped me (I was having issues with the slack on the film/not sure if if was actually grabbing the film correctly). So now I'm shooting away & hoping I'm doing everything right?! Only time will tell, but I simply cannot wait to create some dreamy, romantic, vintage-like shots.
camera 018
camera 017
thrifted vintage capelet, thrifted Ralph Lauren dress, belt from vintage dress, thrifted shoes, estate sale vintage ring

I've had this vintage sequin capelet for quite some time now & have been waiting for the right inspiration to bring it back from the dead.. so thank you, Diana Dreamer! I found this lovely piece at a thrift store in the dead winter & felt it would be more appropriate with a summer/fall outfit, & my jaw dropped when a few months later I saw the capelet's sister in a post by Rebecca from the Clothes Horse.  A little different shape, a little different color, but same concept!
wedding 1067

wedding 1071

wedding 1080

My entire outfit is vintage/thrifted. The shoes were found at a thrift store & completely reminded me of the amazing printed Miu Miu shoes I've been eyeing. They are about as close as I will get, I suppose! But they are velvet, a fabric I've grown to love after being forced in itchy velvet dresses as a child.
wedding 1070

wedding 1065

wedding 1081

wedding 1097

wedding 1074
I hope your weekend has been lovely! I went to my cousin's baby shower, took her pregnancy pictures, went mini golfing (although we realized it is FAR too hot outside.. 107 degrees.. and FAR too humid for outdoor activities), lounged in Barnes & Noble reading magazines, & now I'm soon heading to Emily's Mad Men premier party!


  1. I love the minty color of that camera. I bet those pictures are going to turn out so good.

    That capelet is stunninggggg! It goes so well with your entire outfit. Lovely!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS how cute are you?! I'm loving everything about this outfit! I can't believe it is 107 over there.. it reached 100 today, it's so hot, isn't it? Ridiculous! At least you look super adorable. I love those shoes and that vintage capelet is too awesome for words.

  3. Mad Men!! I can't wait!
    Your hair looks great in these pictures and I so excited to see what comes out of the Diana.

  4. Holy cow!!! I am crazy about those shoes, and I can't believe you found them in a thrift store. And your capelet is lovely. This whole outfit is absolutely lovely.

  5. I've really wanted to get my hands on a Diana for quite some time now but I'm like you where I don't know how to load the camera at all. I'm afraid I'd mess it up! One of these days it's going to happen...

  6. I dream about shoes as amazing as those. Love your blog, I'm following now!

  7. God! Envy about that mint camera, i want one! You didn't bought it online? I cant find it anywhere else :(. Your shoes are very very lovelies you look great.

    1. You can buy one on I never knew you could until today! They sell film for it and everything!

  8. You are too adorable!
    And I'm so incredibly envious of you for the camera!!! I've seen them online, but I'm hesitant because of the cost of film-- you should absolutely post pictures as soon as you develope them my dear!

  9. I love that camera! even the colour is dreamy!
    And your outfit of course is lovely. That capelet is beautiful, the detail on it is astounding. Love how you put stuff together.

  10. You look so gorgeous! Can't wait to see how your first photos turn out.

  11. You look so pretty in this outfit! Love the caplet! And those shoes!! Love Love Love the whole ensemble you put together.

  12. cute new camera! i love mint green anything....

    i'm so glad the guide to moving across the country helped inspire you! here's the thing, even if in two years when you're done with school, if you don't end up moving to seattle and you go somewhere completely different, don't feel bad if you don't live up to other people's expectations! you're young and it's okay to dream, make plans, break em, and start over. no matter what, it's your life to live and if everyone did it the same way, it would get really boring around here!!

  13. I lovee the new camera! Mint green is so cute! And those shoes are just darling! AH!

  14. Those shoes are amazing! What a great find <3

    xo Lynzy

  15. I can't wait to see what you do with your new toy. And love that outfit!

  16. You've never loaded film into a camera before? omg, that makes me feel old!

    That's an adorable camera. Have fun with it!

  17. A lovely camera ... I'm sure your photos will be beautiful!

  18. Love the outfit and I'm jealous of your camera!

  19. You can buy one of these cameras on they sell the film for it and everything! I was surprised to find it at a clothing shop, but I'm glad I did!