Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've been really loving the warm colors we are finally getting for fall.. although the temperatures have still been pretty warm.. it was almost 80 this weekend! I didn't get to enjoy much of it, though, I was working, studying, and my brother was sent to the hospital this weekend, where he will be for a while.

woodsy 001woodsy 007
woodsy 013
vintage blouse, thrifted j. skirt, seychelles shoes

I feel like my life is in a whirlwind lately and I can't catch up. I have two midterms tomorrow and I've been working (too much) in a new store, which is taking some adjusting.  I also feel like I haven't been getting in enough quality time with Patrick and I'm just desperate for an entire day off of school and work to be with him, but I have to wait another week and a half for that!

woodsy 009woodsy 024
woodsy 037
I'm going to keep it sweet and simple today! Back to making my phonological processes flashcards! Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. It's been feeling very whirlwind-esque for me, too. I hope you get to rest up a bit this week. I love the pattern of that skirt, and it goes perfectly with those vintage-inspired heels!

  2. Brittany, I hope your brother is okay!

    By the way, adorable shoes! And yes, life has been going by so fast. I have a midterm today and a test tomorrow. I haven't had any time at all to study between classes and working.

  3. wow, great shoes!
    And good luck with your midterms ! :)

  4. I hope all goes well with your brother. He'll definitely be in my thoughts and prayers!

    I know how you feel....a few weeks ago, I felt like I hardly ever saw Gavin! I've been working at striking a balance between Gavin time and school time though. It's still super difficult though. School can be so inconvenient hehe

  5. I hope your brother is okay :(
    I kind of feel like I'm in a whirlwind as well. I can't believe this semester is half over and that November's nearly here!

    This is such a perfect fall outfit, I just love it :)

  6. im sending lots of good vibes your way for your bro. about the tights: they are great, but yes they do rip easily. i think its because they are so sheer. probably they're a little less expensive from aa than from topshop so theres that!

  7. that skirt sure is a beaut! <3 yr blog :)

  8. I love the multiple straps are your shoes

  9. Divines chaussures, elles sont terribles.