Monday, October 18, 2010

Roses are red.. and so is my hair!

Well, I told you guys on my last post that I finally took the plunge and went completely red.. and voila! At first I was in a little shock, but I still really liked the color.  Going from dark brown to red is a big change.  As a teen, I would always tell my stylist "NO RED!" because my hair naturally has red tones & pulls red really easily when doing color.  Everyday, I love my hair more and more and more. It's definitely growing on me and this color will be around for a good long while, until either I get too lazy or too poor to keep up with the roots. But, hey, ombre is in now, right?
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kaang headband, H&M dress & jacket, Target tights, Michelle D flats

I took my new hair for a night out on the town with an amazing friend of mine (who I actually met through blogging!).. Emily Keen from The Daily Fashionista! She is such a down-to-earth girl with only the best intentions, which is hard to find in a friend these days. Patrick and I met up at Emily and her husband Zach's place, and we all chatted for a while and then headed down to their "secret park" to take a few outfit pictures.. because what would a blogger meet-up/double date be without one! (NOTE TO EMILY: Do we call these blogger-meet ups still? What is the hanging out ratio where it's just friends hanging out and not a blogger meet up?! I need to know the rules on these things!)
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It's pretty obvious Emily & I aren't used to doing outfit photos with another person. So.. we "casually" started picking leaves off the tree, giving thumbs up, etc. Just the usual.
After outfit pictures, we all walked down to the Azars, an AMAZING mediterranean restaurant that I've heard a ton about. I had lamb and salmon skewers and Patrick had a lamb burger, and we had spanokopita as our appetizer! Of course, I had to have baklava for dessert, because we all know that's the most important part of the meal.

We saw "Never Let Me Go" at the Naro, which is our local historical movie theater. Patrick and I have actually never been, as we don't venture into Norfolk as often as we should.  School doesn't count, either!  I've actually never been to a movie theater where they have actual curtains that are rolled back, and the Naro ONLY plays movies on real film reels! Isn't that neat? The movie was beautiful and spectacular and thought-provoking, and Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightly both looked amazing, per usual.

Emily and Zach, we had a great time with you guys! You are both wonderful people and maybe we will be neighbors soon! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'm off to study for midterms and I'm working a ton this week so things may be a little quiet over here for the next week or two but alas I will try my best to keep up!


  1. You look awesome! I have light brown hair that is pretty reddish, and I've actually been wanting to try dark brown. I might just get a kit that lasts only a month. You've given me the guts!

  2. Oh my goodness, your hair looks great! And I love your jacket :)

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the change, it really seems to suit you and you seem so happy!

    - JoAnn

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  4. It came out so well! I'd be so nervous about coloring my hair, but yours looks great. I bet you're really happy you took the plunge.

    Sounds like you guys had a great night out.

  5. Oh lady I was getting so excited to see your hair and it is amaaazing! I love red on you, im suprised you didnt do it sooner! I was liking my red hair but I am sick of it now and cant wait to dye it back to dark brown. You look gorgeous as the color of those tights and cute head peice!! x

  6. It was so much fun hanging out with guys last night. And I concur! We are definitley past the "blogger meetups" and are now just friends who hang out whenever one of us has the time. You busy lady:) And yes! The red hair looks fabulous on you. I hope you keep it for awhile!

  7. The red looks great!!
    I dyed mine red back in high school and i liked it so much, except for the part when it would stain my towels after i'd shower haha.

    Loving your dress, lady xo

  8. your hair!! it's so fantastic!! i'm still too chicken to do mine...

  9. Your hair your hair your haaaaaair! I love it. And that outfit. The heart print? So darn cute.

  10. your hair is amazing!! and your headband is pretty darn cute too :) x

  11. Looks good. It's not fire-engine red or anything!

  12. I love the hair color! and a great outfit too!

  13. I'm always intimidated wearing bold hair accessories like this so I'm pretty lovin' the look on you!


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  14. i love this colour on you! it looks natural yet very striking, in a very good way of course! :) xxx

  15. You look fantastic with the red hair, and the army green really sets it off perfectly.

  16. That headband is so fabulous against your hair! And I love your army jacket!