Monday, November 1, 2010

First ever couples costume!

Happy belated Halloween! I didn't realize until a few nights ago that I had Sunday night off, and Patrick and I decided last minute we wanted to dress up this year.. a first for us! Usually I work on Halloween, and it's not really my favorite holiday anyways so I don't mind too much.  We waited and waited and finally, yesterday afternoon, we realized we didn't have costumes so we went thrifted but found nothing! So we came up with the idea of Lumberjane & a tree! So, so corny, yet we didn't spend a dime! I'm just wearing all of Patrick's clothes & he's wearing...  a cardboard box!

november 056
november 055
november 058
We had a really relaxing evening, we sat around a bonfire in front of his house with his family until an awkward neighbor joined so we went to trick-or-treating with Patrick's little brother for a while and the funniest thing in the world happened.. this little girl came up to Patrick, stared at him for a minute, and says, "What are you? Cornhole?" I lost it and started crying from laughing so hard.. and thus, Patrick has earned a new nickname!

Afterward we went to his grandparent's house. They are two of my favorite people in the entire world.. so, so, so sweet.  Patrick's grandmother is SUCH a doll! She acts like she's still in the 50s.. just so, so polite and sweet and always saying the cutest things! They just celebrated their 53rd anniversary and went to the Bahamas, which is where they went for their honeymoon! They took pictures of all the grandkids on the cruise (I think there are 12 or 13?) and for Patrick's picture they made sure to bring one with both of us in it.. they just always make me feel so welcome into the family! I hope Patrick and I are as cute as they are after 53 years together!


  1. Best costumes ever!! You guys are the cutest:)

  2. Too awesome! What a clever idea! I'm so digging this. Lovely as always.


  3. These pictures are adorable! Love the costumes.

    Sunshine Garden

  4. That's an awesome costume!! You guys are adorable ;)

  5. your costumes are so cute and original! x

  6. haha thats so cute :)