Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seattle: City Views

So, this is my last & final Seattle post.. for now! I wanted to share some of the amazing city views & sights we encountered, including the University, the Biltmore (the historical apartment complex with moss climbing up the side.. definitely somewhere I'd want to live!), & views from our many walks. I kept comparing to Seattle with New York City, because I thought that I would have LOVED New York City but I was a little disappointed & it just wasn't for me, but what set Seattle apart is the charm & personality.  People were incredibly kind here.. we would be sitting on the bus, chatting about the best way to get from one place to the next, and someone would come over & help us out. On our first day, we were struggling, walking forever with all of our luggage (ok, Pat was carrying most of it), and I asked a lady which way we should head towards & she said she was heading in a similar direction, so she walked with us most of the way & gave us the best tips to make the most of our trip! It was only about two weeks ago & I'm already so completely nostalgic.

Seattle 299Seattle 296
Seattle 202
Seattle 300
Seattle 325
Seattle 318
Seattle 320
Seattle 014
Seattle 012
Seattle 052


  1. What a fun trip! Those buildings are absolutely stunning. And the library looks so beautiful. I've never been to Seattle but now it looks like a must-see place.

  2. I actually feel the same about New York City. I might be a little biased since I, you know, live in Seattle, but I went to Manhattan and was completely let down. From the people to the vintage shopping, I was quite unimpressed with it all.
    I'm really glad that you liked Seattle! :)

  3. ahhhh i love the apartment building with the moss. i want to live there too. I've never been to Seattle. Im going to add it to my wishlist.

    i loved Brooklyn. Didn't like Midtown. hated times square.