Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You run through the forest, settle before the sun

You know when you see something and know EXACTLY how you want to style it with? That's how I was with this dress.  As soon as I saw this 1970's peasant floral ruffle dress on Mikhaila's blog, I just HAD to have my chance at wearing it! I left a comment saying how much I adored the dress, she emailed me about a trade for a month, & we made it happen! She posted on my dress a few weeks ago (I'm terribly late!), so check out her post!

outfitz 003outfitz 002
outfitz 005
turban made from a dress belt, dress from Thriftaway Vintage, thrifted belt, Seychelles Shoes
While taking these photos, all of the sudden I felt about a million bugs on me at once. Mosquitoes are EXTREMELY attracted to me & I think I'm slightly allergic, because what would be a normal mosquito bite on someone else will be a huge welt on myself. It was awful, we took these pictures in about 5 minutes and then I sprinted to the car! Patrick ended up with ONE tiny bite and I counted and, no joke, had over 20.
outfitz 008outfitz 009
outfitz 010
You guys, I have to admit.. I've been a bit of a mess lately! I'm such a stress case right now. Very, very, very long story put short..  financial woes, especially dealing with school. It feels like everything that could have gone wrong the past week to make me stress financially happened! Car troubles, tuition troubles.. but hey, that's life, right? Man, I'm really feeling the life of being a college student right now! I've been aching for a shopping trip to get some lace up boots & a benton striped dress & a trench coat (along with a few other items) but for now I'm settling for a pair of lace up boots I thrifted this morning for $4, a black & white polka dot dress I thrifted for $2, yet I'm still on the hunt for the perfect trench coat! Perhaps I will allow myself to buy the advertised $35 H&M trench? The woes of a fashionista on a (huge) budget!


  1. Love that dress!!

    I know your pain. I have the same problem with mosquitoes. When I went camping for my fiance's bday I got 20 bites on one leg in 5 minutes. After two days he only had 2 or 3 bites! Mine turn into huge welts too. :(

  2. That last photo is a beautiful shot of you! Love the dress!

  3. wow the off shoulders on that dress are fantastic!

  4. You look gorgeous! I know what you mean about those moments of styling inspiration! Don't worry about financial woes, your thrifting sounds great!

  5. You look so lovely here! That dress IS spectacular, it's true! Hey! I'm a barista now too! Starbucks at the Barnes and Nobles! We should compare notes :)

  6. I am on the hunt for a perfect trench coat as well so if you find one let me know! :D I'm sorry you're having a lot of stress related to college right now. It's always that time of year when you have to think things over again and the stress seems to come on so easily at times. I hope you take some time to relax and clear your head!

  7. This dress is so pretty and looks great on you! Mosquitos also seem to really like me. I'll be in my backyard during outfit shoots and come back in with 20+ bites and my husband won't have any!

  8. You look lovely--never would have guessed about the bugs but I'm the exact same. My bite also last for at least a month, seriously, it's miserable.
    P.S. I totally photographed the vintage cameras b/c I know people love pictures of vintage cameras. It's just a fact. I don't even know why we do, but so many people do.

  9. Yayyy! It looks amazing on you! I love the way you styled it and you would never have guessed you were being eaten alive by mosquitos hehe. The last picture is my favorite, so very pretty!

    Sorry to hear you've been so stressed lately, I hope everything starts to work itself out. I totally hear you about being on such a budget that even spending $35 is a lot. It sucks! haha

  10. i gett ur poinnt,, n it kills,, im also stressed out about my financial expenses!

    anywayyy,, lovely dress :)


  11. Oh my goodness Brittany! You look gorgeous. I love this dress. I have been wanting a pretty flowey dress like this, and I love the off the shoulders look on you. Ah, you look amazing! x