Saturday, January 16, 2010

Outfit Exhibits: Art-Inspired Fashion

Outfit number two!  But ARE YOU SERIOUS.  I accidentally deleted my original pictures from the museum that I was going to use as my inspiration! Luckily I found two of the images on the museum's website (they will be small :( and I'm just going to have to find similar images for the other two.. but I will let you guys know).  

Anyways.. I promised you'd see this lace top soon, but I didn't think it would be this soon! I scored majorly at the thrift store this past week and got some seriously amazing vintage dresses that I cannot wait to share.. including this satin ballerina-esque pleated dress. I believe it's handmade, too! The light purple and luxurious feel immediately made me think of the cameo vase that inspired this look.
I absolutely was drawn to the femininity of this vase and the neutral yet romantic colors.  I wanted to recreate this look drawing attention to the florals and flowiness (I'm allowed to make up words) of this beautiful piece of artwork.  The scarf did the job perfectly.
I'm so completely giddy right now because I just bought tickets to see Amos Lee at the Jefferson in Charlottesville.. the day after Iron and Wine! It's seriously going to be the best birthday EVER.  New York City with family one weekend, and an incredible weekend of music with Patrick and friends the next.  We also have a free place to stay both that Friday and Saturday night!  Thank goodness for great friends at UVA! Last year when we saw Amos Lee in Charlottesville, we ate at this cozy little pub that has amazing burgers and hot chocolate.  Another amazing thing about this show will be that Amos is donating all net proceeds to Haiti.  My heart aches for everyone involved and it's so, so humbling and so incredible to see people reaching out like they have.
I did find a secluded place that sufficed as a nice backdrop to my outfit pictures with my tripod.  It was the first time I've taken my pictures with my tripod in a public area, I've only taken them in my backyard so far because I've been so scared people would think it was weird! But literally 30 seconds down the road from my college there is a little park and although there were a couple of families playing with their kids that gave me a few stares, it wasn't too bad! At first I pretended I was just taking pictures of the nature though, haha! They left soon and I comfortably took my pictures in peace.  I'll admit, it was a little odd because although it was a BEAUTIFUL day (in the 50s!), a sweater was needed, and I think the moms were wondering where my coat was because their children were bundled up!

Outfit Details:
Headband: Gap
Scarf: H&M
Lace top: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Tights: Hue
Bracelet: H&M
Shoes: H&M

Currently Playing:  Keren Ann, "Not Going Anywhere"


  1. OMG. your tights!!!! your dress!!

    btw, ive left you a blog award. check it out. but theres no pressure!

  2. Lovely tights! The flowing dress is very Grecian, you're right, and you look so graceful. Amos Lee and Iron and Wine! Charlottesville! Lucky girl!

  3. I love the layering! And your hair accessory! You look gorgeous as always :))

    ♥ Aya

  4. ooo iron & wine tickets, lucky you!

    amazing scarf,its so romantic and gorgeous

  5. You look so gorgeous! I love your headband and color of the tights. Ah, this is perfect.

  6. So so pretty! I love your lace top with that dreamy dress! Oh I <3 Iron and Wine. There's a great cover song they did on the Garden State soundtrack. I love it.

  7. adorable outfit : )

    lovely blog too

  8. Great outfit. I'm really liking your headband and lacy shirt!

  9. Really pretty. I love that top. And I have that same headband in red!

  10. you look amazing girl!

  11. you pictured it so well! the outfit has the same feeling as the statue photograph! I own that scarf as well 8)

  12. Love the headband, lace top and tights. Fun photos!

  13. the colors are beautiful and i am so into that scarf! lovely outfit overall!

  14. I really like this series that you're doing. What better place to find inspiration than through art?

  15. very pretty look! ...i love the soft lavender color. and you're right - it does remind me a bit of my purple pleated skirt!


  16. You always look so romantic.. I love it! This scarf is so pretty and the colors are just perfect! And I love the spot you found! Very pretty!