Thursday, January 14, 2010

Outfit Exhibits: Art-Inspired Fashion

My first art-inspired post!  I regret to inform everyone that I failed to write down the name of all of the pieces of art in my collection (djfs(^#$HSJ!) so please forgive me.  

When I first saw this painting,  the colors first stood out.  The contrast between the harsh black tones with the bright yellow, blue, and white completely inspired me.  I chose this painting to be my first inspiration because it was the first piece that I saw that immediately made an outfit come to mind and thus gave me the idea for this series!
I wanted to emulate the texture in some way or another, and since I adored the artist's use of layering colors, I decided to layer these necklaces, one silver and one gold, one with elegance and one with edge.
Outfit Details: 
Hat: Target
Hair Pin: Forever 21
Blazer: Thrifted
Blouse: Thrifted
Gold necklace: Thrifted
Gloves: Target
Silver necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Hue
Boots: Steve Madden

School has been making my life crazy already! I feel like I've been in such a rut lately.. I miss being able to go to the state park with Patrick and take amazing pictures. Starting this blog has been great for Patrick and I.. we've always had an incredible relationship, but I think that having this hobby together really brings us together.  Patrick has his music and that's his creative outlet, and I've always had a love for fashion and even vintage, so being able to share this with him is so amazing.  I love how he has started directing me in pictures and giving me great ideas for the blog.  Ok, I went off on a tangent there.. back to my point.. having to take pictures in my backyard with my tripod just isn't as fun and it's kinda hard to get inspired to do it sometimes.  Today after class I went to scout some locations that are between my house and school but I found exactly what I was expecting: not too much.  Hopefully I will have an epiphany soon!

Currently Playing: Amos Lee, "Black River"


  1. I adore your outfit, as always! The colors are lovely! Such a great idea for a post too.. you're so creative. I miss having Brett to take my photos too! A tripod isn't half as fun!

  2. I love your blue blazer and the white top!! soo lovely...

    you're so lucky to have patrick as your personal photographer ;)..


  3. GENIUS! amazing contrast between the high yellow hues in your skirt and sky blue. can't wait to see the following posts. i'm just now getting into amos lee. great song choice!


  4. that's so cool how the blog helps your relationship :) and i love your skirt

  5. It's really nice when your man supports your hobby, isn't it? I think your style is so ladylike. You make me want to wear some of my million skirts (I gravitate toward dresses in winter because they're easier), and you a superb sense of color. Very lovely!


  6. Sorry to hear what a pain it is to find a place to take pics. I can relate, since I usually have 5 minutes to take pics while it's light outside. I have great places to go in my neighborhood, but damn! Where's the sun? Anywho, starbucks sounds great! I'm been craving a creme brulee (sp?) latte since xmas eve. I'll email you later then! Oh and I also added you to my faves!

  7. i love how you pulled colors from the painting and put them in your outfit! awesome! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  8. love the artwork! This is a wayyy cute outfit!

  9. I really love this palette! I can completely see this paintings influence here! Great job! as for you man and your hobby together, total bummer. Maybe you can just do like marathon weekend shoots or something. Whats weird is that I like my tripod. I feel funny and get camera shy when my husband takes my picture. It is so cool that you have established that type of photo relationship!

  10. oh brittany, this is perfection. i love your necklace so much! this is so inspiring:)

  11. that blazer is awesome. such a beautiful blue, which looks great on you!!


  12. Love this color combo; really sweet blouse too.

  13. Great color combo! Lovely blouse and blazer!

  14. First: Oh my goodness!!! I am a speech therapist!! That is my day job....then I am fashion obsessed in the evenings and on the weekends (when I am not in scrubs)! Are you in undergrad or grad school? Do you want to work with adults or children....I probably should have just emailed you at this point in time! haha

    Your outfit looks adorable! I LOVE those boots!

  15. Great idea for putting together an outfit! Looks great!

  16. I love this outfit! I have some boots kinda like yours so this gives me some ideas... :]

  17. Nice translation. Love the blazer.