Friday, February 25, 2011

The last post.

Hey lovlies,

Blogging has certainly been a journey for me.  I've met so many amazing people, learned new things, and it's just really exposed me to new things I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise. 

Alas, all good things must come to an end.  My life is INCREDIBLE right now.  I'm engaged to the man of my dreams, planning a wedding, almost ready to enter my senior year of school, moving into our first place together, and about to apply to grad schools, most of which are across the country.  As school and my personal life become more of a priority, the internet world becomes less of one. 

So, I'm hanging out my blogging boots (bad analogy?), and I'm retiring the blog.  That isn't to say I won't be back, though! However, more than likely, if I get time in the summer, or sometime next year, I will start a new blog, probably more focused on married life.

Thanks to all my friends for sticking by & you will all be missed!




  1. aw, sad to see you go but i'm glad you're having such an amazing time right now! i hope you come back eventually :) much happiness to you, patrick, and any little ones that come along!!

  2. I'm so glad I live close to you, so its not really a goodbye for me, but I will really miss your blog posts. They were full of life and sweetness.

  3. We will miss you dear Brittany. I loved getting to know you and look forward to hearing updates about you on your twitter. I am so excited for this next chapter in your life! Its going to be amazing. Wishing you all the best and sending hugs from Canada your way. xoxo

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear you're quitting blogging, but if it feels more like a chore than anything its not worth it. Your life truly is exciting right now and everything is going so well, you should focus on that. I am so glad I got to know you via blogging though. You've always been supportive and one of my kindest internet friends. I only wish we could meet in real life. Maybe we'll both end up in Seattle? I fell in love when I visited it too. Please keep in touch and keep that twitter account going.

  5. Aw, that's sad to hear. I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last 6 months or so (thought I've never commented). Thanks for sharing your stories and your style!

    Go enjoy your fab life!

    Wishing you all the best,

    - Carly

  6. I will definitely miss your blog very much, but at the same time, I'm so very happy that you are in such a good place in your life! Thank you so much for everything, especially those Juicy earrings! :D The first and only giveaway I've won. Thank you.

  7. So sad to see you go, but really happy for you and your wonderful life right now. It's important to focus on the good things and it seems like your life is full of them!!
    Good luck with everything!!

    p.s. will you stay on twitter?

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