Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pungo Strawberry Festival

Every year, Virginia Beach hosts the Pungo Strawberry Festival.  Pungo is our more rural district.. we grow all sorts of fruits & veggies there, and if you go down a little further you hit Sandbridge, an area popular for beach houses. You'll find all sorts of adorable Mom & Pop shops down in Pungo and see things you would never see in the "city."
carnvial shop gazebo 003
carnvial shop gazebo 005
Right away, we started eating.. that is the most important part of a food festival, right?  I have to say, we were very disappointed with the lack of strawberrys! We saw one stand selling strictly strawberries, two selling strawberry shortcakes, and one selling strawberry pie (as pictured).  We went with the strawberry pie, which was pretty much just strawberries in a syrup, a few crumbled graham crackers, and whipped cream. Not exactly pie.. but still pretty tasty.  We had lunch following dessert.   Sold on the gyro stand.. lamb, of course! Delicious.
carnvial shop gazebo 006
carnvial shop gazebo 007
carnvial shop gazebo 008
Believe it or not, my "dress" is actually a thrifted nightgown! I saw the potential in it, but it's been sitting in my closet for months waiting to be styled up.  I added the belt last minute and that's what really pulled the look together. Patrick kept telling me old ladies at the festival would be saying, "I wore that to bed last night!"
carnvial shop gazebo 013
carnvial shop gazebo 033
carnvial shop gazebo 050
carnvial shop gazebo 025
I've been thinking a lot about what this blog means to me and what I want to stand for. I think that this topic could probably be an entire post by itself,  but all in all, from the beginning my blog has been about "real style for real girls." And that will never change. In no time soon will I be making enough money to spend on designer duds, so I will continue thrifting and recreating the looks I love.  The bloggers that I have the most respect for are bloggers that gain popularity but remain true to themselves.  I've found the most wonderful community here and I couldn't thank you enough for standing by me and continuing to read my blog.  I can't promise you a new dress and shoes by the most popular store every post, I can't promise you hundreds of dollars worth of giveaways, but I can promise you originality and my honest, humble attempts to make this my creative space.. my only sort of a "diary" I keep. I hope to inspire others, and I hope to inspire myself.
carnvial shop gazebo 020carnvial shop gazebo 043
carnvial shop gazebo 028
carnvial shop gazebo 054

Outfit Details:
Headband: American Apparel
Dress: thrifted
Belt: fabric from another dress
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Currently playing: Justin Townes Earl, "The Good Life"


  1. You look gorgeous Brittany. And that's one reason I love your blog...because you are a real girl and you are definitely inspiration, in your words and how you dress! Keep it up lady :]

  2. You are completely fulfilling your intentions for this blog! Real style, real girl, Inventive looks, Absolutely beautiful, and so human and endearing! You blog is an inspiration as well and I am so happy know you!

  3. mmmm strawberries... i cannot WAIT until the season starts here in vermont.

    i love your blog and i think what makes it so endearing is that you really put so much of yourself into it. don't ever change! you're so lovely and creative and truly fabulous!

  4. Mmm that strawberry "pie" looks delicious! The crushed graham crackers and the whipped cream would definitely make for a tasty treat.

  5. gyros yes! haha clearly I'm not so into this whole strawberry thing haha

    Thanks for that honest post. I've always loved your blog, you're stylish, incredibly nice, and you and Pat are so adorable it just makes me smile. You don't need to change anything about the blog. I will always be a loyal reader!

  6. Amen, sister! hehe! :) Your blog is incredibly inspirational to so many people! Obviously I can't afford couture splurges, but wait until your are a working SLP! Then you can reward yourself with the occasional splurge! :)

    I think you look so, so adorable in your nightgown (i would have never known)!

  7. Mmmmm I love strawberries!! :D
    The last pic is so beautiful..&your headband!

  8. You know the reason I continually read your blog? (even while sailing!) is because you are real, raw, down to earth, and gorgeous inside and out! I absolutely love your blog, Brittany! And you look so gorgeous in these photos. I love carnivals...especially caramel apples. The 2nd to last photo is my favorite. you look so beautiful! x

  9. I enjoy reading your blog for the simple fact that you always have beautiful pictures, amazing outfits, and it's just overall a lovely read. I find myself skipping over many of the former blogs I used to read bc they have changed so much.

    Your strawberry festival looks so much more fun than the one we are having in my town next weekend!

  10. YOU LOOK AMAZING. Oh my gosh, that new camera is wonderful! Your headband is so cute too!

  11. The headband is so cute! So in love with floral

  12. beautiful pictures. the bottom one should be framed on your wall!
    I think you have just the right angle for your blog. It's a true representation of you and as you say, it's real life for real girls. I love it! x

  13. your honesty and candor are the traits that keep me coming back to your fantastic blog. i love the fact that it is uncluttered - i don't read blogs to receive tons of free giveaways [although the one you have going on is tempting! :)] i read it to be inspired. this post and this outfit [borne from a nightgown? AMAZING] is the exact reason why blogging is such a revolution. you skip past all of the falseness and go straight for raw creativity.

    you looked beautiful girl and this festival looks like so much fun!