Monday, June 14, 2010

Love at the Pier

Right down the street there is (was) a fantastic pier, the Lynnhaven Pier. The Lynnhaven Fish House (an amazing restaurant that serves local seafood) and the Pier Cafe, a small little cafe with outdoor seating and an amazing view, are some of the best kept secrets of Virginia Beach located on the Pier. Sadly, a big chunk of the pier was destroyed during our nor'easter this past fall. It is still a sight to see, though!
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 thrifted dress, Target headband, antique mall necklace, TJ Maxx wedges

I think this was one of Patrick's favorite outfits. He kept telling me that I looked so pretty! He mentioned it was very Julia Stone-esque and while driving a few days later I watched one of my favorite videos by Angus and Julia, "And The Boys" and realized that this outfit is definitely inspired by the end of the video, with the bohemian feel and golden tones. 
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My dress is from the shop & being sold here! The humidity here is the summer is INSANE. I'm serious. It's ridiculous. It's a challenge to find outfits that are weather-friendly & stays true to my style! Honestly, lately I've just been throwing on shorts and a tank top when I don't have much going on that day, so it's nice to change it up a bit.
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Our lunch.. fish & chips, softshell crab sandwich, & calamari. Delicious!
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  1. I love how you guys are such a food loving couple, my kind of people haha

    you look so cute in that headband, but really I'd kill for that necklace

  2. I adore the necklace, and heavens what lovely photos! The headband is the most amazing part!


  3. Beautiful photos, I just love your headband!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. AWESOME necklace! I love! And you look beautiful, as always.

  5. I love your outfit, those gold wedges are wonderful!

  6. You look absolutely lovely in this outfit. That color looks great on you! And do I hear you about this crazy humidity. It's disgusting outside!