Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am so in love.


I told Patrick a few days ago that I missed when we wrote notes to each other in the beginning.  
We used to leave them on our car windshields at school since we couldn't see each other, or leave them with coworkers so we would find them at work. 
And lately I've just been missing them.
Not like it matters, because we tell each other how much we love each other every single day.
But there's just something about those darn love letters!

So I wrote him one at work yesterday. Just simple, and truthful, and loving.
When he came to my house yesterday, I was a little upset that I didn't get one back.
And he saw that I was upset and handed me a note and said he was trying to save it to leave for me so I see it first thing in the morning.
I think it was the sweetest note he's ever written me.  And I say that almost every time, but they really do get more loving & sincere each & every time.

"As you read this note, as with any that I have or have yet to write, always picture me smiling as I hunch over the very paper you hold and know how much I care for you with every stroke of ink. You are everything to me."
50mm 101

Gosh, how lucky am I?


  1. Gah, so cute!! I love little love notes. I'm not sure if y'all live together, but something I love to do for Josh is leave him a little note on the bathroom mirror at night, so it's the first thing he sees in the morning. I do it with a dry-erase marker, because it wipes clean w/tissue!

  2. Aww super cute!!
    This reminds of my bf and I at the beginning. Gosh, you're right! Why do couples many times stop doing cute little things? It shouldn't happen 'cuz those are the things that you remember the most.

    Love this!

  3. Brittany, this is such a cute and wonderful post! I loooove cute letters, especially handwritten ones. I actually used my typewriter to type Chris a love letter when I first got it about a month or so ago! You and Patrick are adorable together. :)