Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rompers, freckles, & pocket watches

Well, folks.. I'm alive! This blog post is proof.  My nonexistence in the blogging world has been due to the fact that I had a total of four part time jobs! Insane, right?! I want to do an entire post dedicated to my newest job.  A few of you may already know about it if you follow me on twitter or if we converse.  I'm super excited.. not only is it related to my major but it will certainly change my perspective on life and completely inspire me. And yes, still in school full-time, but luckily the semester is coming to an end and I'm trying hard as ever to keep my grades up! So, in just a short three weeks, I will be posting more regularly, but until then I will try to update more!


Yesterday, a classmate and I took a trip to the zoo for a bio lab project in which we must create a field guide.  The weather was absolutely perfect and this morning when I woke up, I was pleasantly surprised to see more freckles! One of my favorite things about summer is that my freckles come out.  They remind me so much of my childhood.  They are actually one of my features that get the most compliments! I've never understood why people are so eager to fade out their freckles or cover them up with makeup. Let your natural beauty shine, girls! The things that make you unique are what make you most beautiful.


I got this sweet little romper thrifting a few weeks ago.  People kept complimenting me on my skirt, though, because the bottom hem is super low.. almost like harem pants! I was going to put it in the shop, and I took pictures and measurements and everything, but it's one of those items that I just couldn't let go, not just yet at least. I'm sure it will make it's way there sometime this summer, though! If you want first dibs you can always email me & I will let ya know when it will be posted!
I found this 1950s pocket watch at a local vintage store and couldn't resist.  For part of his anniversary gift, I got Patrick a 1980s pocket watch (he loves the style of the 80s ones best) and I was on the hunt for one for myself. I knew I wanted gold, and I wanted one with roman numeral numbers, as well as a really pretty design.  I didn't care much if it worked as I just wanted to use it for a necklace.  This one was a teensy bit more pricey than what I wanted, but it was just too perfect to pass up!


Thanks for stopping by, lovelies, and thank you for all of my loyal readers & friends who stick with my blog, even in moments of desertion! I'd like to do something to thank you guys. I cannot express my appreciation.  So.. I will be brainstorming.. stay tuned!

Outfit Details:
Necklace: vintage
Romper: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Target

Currently Playing: Peter Broderick, "There and Here"

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  1. That's why I love summer freckles come back! Gosh that pocket watch is stunning, seriously! I wouldn't have passed it up either. You look so gorgeous in that 2nd to last photo, I love the flower :]

  2. those flower shots are gorgeous

    wow, you're super woman! 4 part time jobs and a full time student!!?

  3. Brittany I have missed you! I cant believe you are juggling four jobs, good on you super woman! dont wear yourself out though and take lots of hot bubble baths! :) You look so pretty today..I love the romper and your necklace. You are too cute. Hope you have a great rest of your Saturday! x

  4. I love my freckles as well! They're one of my most favorite features and I wish I had more. Beautiful pictures and I love your ring!

  5. pretty outfit! I love the pictures with the flowers..I can never resist putting flowers in my hair :)

  6. So jealous of that necklace girl! I've been searching FOREVER for a (affordable) pocket watch to turn into a necklace, but no luck so far. You lucky lady!

  7. the series of photos you have with that pink flower are just BEAUTIFUL! you look quite springlike - especially in your carefree romper. nautical-like stripes are so flattering on you ...


  8. Suuuper cute romper and pictures too!! :) Looks like you had a fun day!

    xx Love & Aloha

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  9. Peter Broderick is a genius! That vintage swimsuit in your shop is amazing!

    Suz xx

  10. I had a pocket watch necklace that my mother let me have and I wore to death when I was younger. You're reminding me that I have no idea where it is now and there is a void in my heart because of it. I love your classic look. Those shorts are fantastic.

  11. What a charming necklace... you look so beautiful with that pink flower. :]