Thursday, April 22, 2010

A dash of hope

You wanna know how behind I am on posts?! These pictures were taken last Saturday by my dear friend Shelby of Moment of Clarity. (Thanks Shelby!) She was just home for the day so we decided to meet up in the morning at my favorite vintage shop, which I will be mentioning again in the future! Although there's another local vintage shop that has more of a selection (and a SUPER friendly staff..!), I absolutely love this one because you immediately feel as if you're family. It's owned by a woman named Patti and her sister helps her run the store, along with her mother and son and daughter.  Her son is a super cool guy named Ryan, who's in a local band, and we are planning a trip along with his fiance and Patrick to see Ray Lamontagne in Maryland in August! If you can talk to a guy about beards for over a hour.. you know he's friend material.


I found this darling 1950s cotton dress at a random thrift store in the ghetto area of Norfolk.  Norfolk can be really amazing and artsy, but it definitely has it's scary areas! Needless to say, I wasn't there for long, but glad I ventured in to find it! I don't have much yellow in my wardrobe, as it usually isn't a very flattering color, but I think the pale yellow works.  Because of the silhouette, I had a hard time styling this dress at first. I knew it needed accessories, but couldn't seem to find the right ones until I remembered about this necklace & the headband. Pat and I got up early to get our cars inspected but we ended up not getting there as early as we planned because it took me so long to get dressed.. whoops :) Good thing I have a very understanding boyfriend who kept complimenting me instead of nagging about how long it was taking!


In school news.. the semester is SO close to being over! I have my lab final practical Tuesday, and today is the ONLY open lab day and I only had time to go for a hour earlier between classes and I work until 7:30 and I'm going to rush back to school to study for about 2 more hours.. then rush home to go to bed since I open at work in the morning (4:30am)! The rest of my exams are in 2 weeks and it couldn't come sooner! I signed up for for orientation today at ODU and couldn't be more excited to start! I'm so over general ed and am SO happy that all of my classes from now on will be major classes!


Outfit Details:
Headband: Target
Necklace: vintage, thrifted
Dress: vintage, thrifted
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Currently playing: Lady of the Sunshine, "Home Sweet Home"

*Shelby, you should know EXACTLY why this blog post is titled "A dash of hope"...!!!


  1. you look positively cheerful! that sunny yellow dress is darling and the cut is so flattering :)


  2. why are the best thrift stores in the ghetto? nice find

    430 you're a trooper. I'm pretty sure I failed my lab exam this week. We had to ID the feta pig, but we only have 1 minute per each station to ID 3-4 things! hell!

  3. So so sweet and perfectly accessorized! Good luck with this last little bit of the semester! You have so many things cooking yet manage to look so well put together! Amazing!

  4. You are so so pretty! I love these! Yellow looks so good on you, and these pictures are gorgeous (good job Shelby!)love your shoes, hair pin, everything. I have missed you lately. Glad to see a post from you! <3

  5. I love your dress and the soft yellow color is beautiful! I'm headed to Virginia next week (newport news area) and I'm wondering if you know of any good thrift stores around there??

    p.s Ray Lamontagne=love. I was ecstatic to find out he's coming to NY in August!

    Mikhaila @

  6. I love this look, it's so sweet and the pale yellow looks really great on you! I'm excited about classes winding down too! I always love the feeling of wrapping all this stuff up and knowing that a little bit of relaxation is near :]

    P.S. I did a post with the necklace I bought from your shop!

  7. Lovely dress! And I absolutely adore your headband. Good luck with all your finals coming up. Oh and I'm just curious as to what thriftstore you went too. The best one in Norfolk is Thrift Store USA (sort of ghetto) but the gheto-est one is on Tidewater drive (I think it's the Foodbank thriftstore.

  8. You look so cute in that dress! I love how friendly the staffs are at thrift and vintage stores. They're always ran by such interesting and nice people. :)

  9. Oh gosh, I have missed you and your outfits!

    This whole look is so pretty and elegant. You look amazing


  10. I love the yellow of your dress. It's understated but very pretty :)
    and thrift stores are the best.

    Dress Rehearsal