Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shop giveaway & boyfriend summer style

First of all, (and I'm very late on announcing this, school & work have been kicking me (#*@ so I haven't updated in way too long!) I have a giveaway going on with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky! You can win any item in my shop under $25, and you have until tomorrow night to enter! So don't miss it, I'm hopefully adding a few more things today/ tomorrow too! Click here to enter!  I've got a few more giveaways in the works so stay tuned!

Also.. I have a very serious question to ask you. Patrick and I have an issue... what do guys wear in the summertime?!? Seriously.. it sounds like a no-brainer.. but as warmer weather approaches, he doesn't really know what to wear! I let him know that I'm not too found of short sleeve button-ups, there are a few exceptions, but for the most part- no. It gets extremely hot & humid here, so layering too much isn't really an option.
Here's a little info on Patrick, if you're a new follower: He's an aspiring indie folk singer/songwriter/guitar player (and amazingly talented, if I might add).  He grew a beard this winter and stared caring more about his style (yay!) so this is the first summer he wants to step out and wear more than just board shorts and tshirts (although with the right combo those two can create a great look).  We live in a beach town where all the guys wear are surf brands.  Patrick surfs about 3 times a week, and everyday in the summer, so that's a big part of his life.  He is a casual guy but doesn't want to look like every other surfer dude in Virginia Beach.  Oh, and he is especially fond of hats! 

Here are a few pictures I found for inspiration:
photo courtesy of Zach Williams

photo courtesy of Style Sightings  

photo courtesy of Sam Beam, Iron and Wine

As you can see.. I don't have much of a collection here and just spend almost a hour scouring for stylish men in summer apparel.  It sure was easy to find inspiration for winter, though! When trying to recreate these looks, we will probably mix thrifted pieces (thrifting men's clothes seems so much harder.. the fit is more important.. for us women, if a top is too big, we can tuck it into a skirt or belt up a loose dress) with modern pieces from Urban Outfitters, Swell, etc..! So.. let the suggestions roll!

EDIT: After reassessing my statement about the button-up short sleeve shirts.. I'm taking it back. I am now open to the idea! As long as they don't look like the ones my dad wears.  


  1. I like the last photo! I love v-necks on guys. Not too deep though...that's just icky. I love the hat in the first photo too!

  2. i know you said no to short sleeve button ups, but try looking up guayaberas. latino men usually wear them in the caribbean islands and really nice ones (like those made of linen) are perfect for really hot/humid days. i love when my husband wears one...


  3. loving the photos
    great male inspiration, gorgeous
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments, so sweet of you!


  4. I love when my husband just wears jean cutoffs (make sure they're not never-nude short!) and v-necks. I'm also all about old t-shirts he's had for decades that are super thin now, and long sleeve plaid button ups with the sleeves pushed up.

  5. Oh I wish you guys could've gone to 37th and Zen because there were a lot of dudes with cool style (much like your photos). We saw Sea Monster last night. Cut off shorts that are not loose and below the knees look cool with tees, I think guys who wear band t-shirts look cool, vans slip-ons with no socks.

    I love the photos you picked out, but what did Patrick think about the man purse? :) I told Zach he needed one because I'm always carrying his crap (but it would cramp his style...heheheh...)

  6. Re: the last photo. I'm always down with a Civil War beard. Patrick has a beard, I think? Going Civil War with it incurs both Virginia Pride and also Sam Beam-esque folk singer awesomeness....


  7. I love all of these photos. Somedays I just really want to dress like a hardcore. Love your giveaway brittany! So glad your etsy store is taking off full swing. <3

  8. I love any kind of a button up on a guy, short sleeve included. It's the polo golf style shirts that are a no no for guys in my opinion. I just hate the fabric!

  9. I love the last photo too! Brett is always in t-shirts and cut off jean shorts with Vans Authentics come summer!