Monday, March 29, 2010

It's the last time

Saturday was the perfect day. Patrick and I actually had a WHOLE Saturday off together! I didn't even have to open in the morning, which usually makes me grumpy for a while until I get more relaxed.. so.. a whole day of relaxed Brittany and Patrick!
When we have days off together, we don't really know what to do with ourselves.  We are so used to work, school, and whatever else coming in the way of having a completely relaxing day. So, I actually slept in past 5 a.m. (9!), ate Krispy Kreme that my mom had brought home from the night before (doesn't she know bathing suit season is right around the corner?! And we live in a beach town?! Sabotage!), and caught up on some blog reading! We met up around noon, and I tried to show Patrick the ways of thrifting.. and it was not a success! I hate thrifting on the weekends because everything feels picked over, there are way too many people with their huge shopping carts taking up all of the aisle, screaming kids, etc.  I can't shop in that kind of environment and he can't either.  We did pick up a flannel shirt that has some pearl snap-buttons, which he's obsessed with.  He won't buy button-up shirts now that don't have snap-buttons (lazy!).. so he bought the shirt to take the buttons off & use them on another shirt.  Semi-success?  And I found NOTHING. Not a thing! Kinda frustrating, but I needed to save the money anyways because I'm exploring a new thrift store Wednesday!

After shopping, we went to Guitar Center, which was right next to the thrift store.  Patrick's obsessed with the place, and often we will go and he will just browse guitars and we will sit in a sound-proof room and I will listen to him play the sweetest melodies for me on the most beautiful guitars!  In the morning, before we met up, he began writing a new song and he debuted it for me.  It was so beautifully written and I was brought to tears at his talent.  Patrick's always been an amazing guitar player and singer/songwriter, but his transformation has astounded me and I cannot wait to see where his passion takes him in the years to come.
Afterward, we were once again stumped on what to do.  I suggested Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy more pillows for my bed, but I didn't feel like spending money.  Then I got really hungry for fries so we went to Five Guys! Such a guilty pleasure but so, so delicious.  I ordered the little cheeseburger with mustard and grilled onions, and Pat said he was going to get the same, but at the last minuted he yelled, "Who am I kidding! I want the big one!" Hahah. Go figure!

We headed down to The Narrows, which is a local nickname for a state park.  We go paddleboarding there in the summer because the water is really calm, unlike the beach where the waves can be rough and we think of paddleboarding as more of a calming sport that doing it for the tricks and whatnot. There are also several docks for boats and tons of people go tubing and water skiing down here!

The night ended with a trip to Trader Joe's where, of course, we only planned on buying a few things but ended up spending almost $30! I love Trader Joe's, but maybe a little too much for my own good.  Then we settled down & cuddled up to watch Role Models.. an interesting movie but.. Saturday was actually our "Stupid Movie Sunday" so it's justifiable!
As for the outfit, I've been aching to wear this little peter pan collared blouse! It's so simple and I know it will be a summer staple for all of my floral & patterned skirts! And the skirt was sitting in a local thrift store for a while, and I don't know how I could have looked at it so many times without purchasing! It's vintage 1960s and I have a lot of ideas on how to style it up different ways that I will show you later on!

Finally, I am declaring this outfit post as the last time I am wearing tights for outfit photos.  I have SO many amazing dresses that tights just take away from the look and am desperate to wear them! Also, it's my way of rebelling against the weather (I actually wore a coat Saturday because it was still in the 40s, which is crazy because last weekend hit the 80s) and I think that if I don't wear tights and a coat it will automatically be wrong.  So.. I may be a little crazy, a little desperate, but this is my plan.

Outfit Details: 
Blouse: thirfted vintage
Necklace: gift from Patrick
Skirt: thrifted vintage
Tights: Hue
Shoes: thrifted vintage

Currently Playing: Great Lake Swimmers, "It's Too Late"


  1. What a nice thing to have a whole day off with your man! That skirt is so beautiful. I especially like the second picture, you look stunning!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! Just relaxing together can be so incredibly lovely.

    PS I can't thrift with my man, either; he thinks the store gives him an allergy attack. The operative word here is "thinks."


  3. Cute skirt, I like the collar on your shirt too!

  4. You keep on keeping on with the no tights thing. I definitley needed mine today though. It sounds like you and Patrick had a fun day. I'm really glad that Role Models was at least funny. I need a good laugh.

  5. this outfit is adorable..

    beautiful pictures too..seems like such a fun day!

  6. Look at you! So cute! I love that skirt on you..and your heels...mmmm krispy kreme! :) I wish I could hang out with you and Patrick for a weekend. That would make my life so much better! x

  7. mmmmm'mmmmmmm 'five guys' is my FAVORITE! i like the fact that you've taken a stand against tights for the upcoming season. it's so tempting to just throw on a pair of brightly colored stockings - can't wait for your new spring outfits :)

    this peter pan color is so darling on you!


  8. Gorgeous photos - you look stunning! And I love how you and Patrick have stupid movie Sundays - haha! That's so funny. Brett and I went through a total 80's phase - running around the video section picking out ridiculous and funny 80's movies. We need to start doing more fun stuff like that as soon as I'm finished being so busy with school! Love reading about your weekend! <3

  9. Wow...gorgeous! I love everything! That blouse is amazing.

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  10. Sounds like you two had a wonderful day together! Guitar Center is a lot of fun. And Five Guys too?! Soooo good. :)

    I gave you an award at my blog! Check it out! :)

  11. I love the simplicity of this outfit, and the fabulous polka dots! you look gorgeous, sounds like an amazing saturday! xoxo

  12. adorable skirt, the day sounds fun. I never have this much time off, so I wouldn't know what to do with it either. and five guys fries are strangely addictive haha