Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pearls of a feather flock together

I spent my day yesterday working my little tail off at work, shipping packages, thrifting, and taking these STUNNING pictures with Shelby & her friend, Michael! Michael is an amazing photographer and I'm speechless at the quality of these pictures! 
Seeing these pictures really makes me treasure Virginia Beach.  Sometimes it's hard to realize how beautiful your hometown is when you see the same thing everyday.  Right across the bridge is the Starbucks that I work at, and I get to see the sunrise every morning when I open over the bay.  Sure, we have our touristy areas and sketchy neighborhoods, just like most other cities, but we also have some of the most incredible locations I've ever seen.
This hat is one of my favorite finds.  I cannot believe the quality! It's from the 1950s and has the softest velvet I've ever felt.  I've also been aching for a hat with netting, and this veil is just what I was looking for.  However, this hat has served it's purpose in taking beautiful outfit photos with me, so it's up for sale on my etsy, so just click here if you are interested!
Also.. Michael brought balloons for our photoshoot! Good call, Michael! I loved how they added such a playfulness to the pictures.  Unfortunately, after taking these, we tied them to a post and it was so windy that they flew away! And of course, the first thing Shelby and I scream is "OH NO! WAIT, TAKE A PICTURE! TAKE A PICTURE!" Hahaha, I love you so much Shelby!
What a fabulous, exhausting day.  Unfortunately, this was my last day with Shelby for a while because she's headed back to JMU now that spring break is over! Boy am I gonna miss that girl.  I hope these next few weeks fly by so we can be reunited! 
Outfit Details:
Hat: vintage, on sale here
Blouse: vintage
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: thrifted

Currently playing: Imogen Heap, "Let Go"


  1. I can't get over how great the pictures of you turned out, I love them so much! I had such a blast with you yesterday (as always) and I'm going to miss you soooo much!!!

  2. Looks like a really fun day! Beautiful photos, too! I adore the balloons, and your hat really is a showpiece. If I had any money, I'd buy it!


  3. Those pictures are beautiful! I love how your outfits sort of compliment each other..was that planned? :]

  4. Oh, these photos are so beutiful. The one of you with the balloons behind you is my absolute favorite photo of you, ever! :) You're and shelby are so cute.

  5. oo the baloon photos are lovely, great colors

    I love the length of your skirt

  6. Such beautiful photos, I love the look and I love the blog!

  7. you look very sweet! I love the hat :)

  8. Love the hat!! fabulous photos my dear! :)
    got great make up giveaway on my blog, check it out if uve time!
    vicki xo

  9. love imogen heap!
    GORGEOUS head piece, love it on you!!!
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your sweet comments!


  10. Ohh such gorgeous photos! You and Shelby both look darling! The balloons add a wonderful touch! And I love Imogen Heap.. ahhh, we need to live closer and hang out all the time :)

  11. ohhh wow! These are such gorgeous photos!! You both look so beautiful!

  12. You two look so cute! I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can really go to the beach. I usually head up to Back Bay though since the cute little crabs live there and it's so relaxing since nobody is out there. You and Patrick should check it out, if you haven't already.

    and ps your outfit is too adorable. I love the hat.

  13. I love your hat! These photos are so beautiful, the balloons were a great idea!

  14. im in love with that white blouse x

  15. my favorite photo is the one of you with the lighthouse in the background. your friend is such an amazing talent! this location is beautiful. perfect song as well! i love love love imogen heap and the 'breathy' nature of the song works perfectly with the beauty of this landscape.


  16. I absolutely love the vintage pillbox hat! blog.