Thursday, February 4, 2010

Virginia Beach? Is That You?

As many of you know, I came home Monday night from New York.  I got numerous texts while on my trip about all of the snow we got, but I got out of the airport, I had no idea! There were just PILES of snow everywhere and the roads were still a bit iced up.  We got around 10 inches total! Some of you northerners may be rolling your eyes, but seriously, this happens about once every 10 years here.  I can't believe I missed the snow! It was almost melted by the time I got to enjoy it.  While bringing my luggage inside from the car, Pat asked if I wanted to have a snowball fight since he didn't have one all weekend.  We didn't have gloves on, and he didn't have a coat on, so it was a one-snowball-snowball-fight. Fun stuff!



These pictures were taken Tuesday afternoon.. almost all of the snow is melted now. I absolutely love how these turned out.  I'm glad I wore darker shades, I think they make a nice contrast to the snow! While in NYC, my ONE big request was to go to Buffalo Exchange! Man, let me say.. I made out there! I had some amazing finds (cough, Marc Jacobs dress for $22..) and this Kensie Girl coat was one of them! It's velvet and the bell sleeves add almost a Victorian feel to the outfit.  The dress is from my clothes swap with Tieka of Selective Potential.. and gosh, it fits like a dream! Where did you get this, Tieka?! I must find one!



Tomorrow, we are headed to Charlottesville for the shows I've been talking about FOREVER: Amos Lee & Iron & Wine! My two favorite artists, two nights a row, in one of my favorite cities.  The catch: It's supposed to snow. A lot. Like, 20 inches.  Awesome.  I just pray that they don't get canceled!  Luckily, Amos is coming to the Norva in Norfolk in March, but Iron & Wine has no other plans close! Pray, pray, pray, and do the no-snow-dance for me, PLEASE!



Thank you for all of your responses to my last post about the apartment plans! Everyone was so supportive and I was really surprised that so many of you lived together before marriage! I guess it's because I don't really personally know too many people who choose to do that.  It's important to both of us and times will be tough, we are very aware of this, especially financially.  However, I think that we will grow from it and having the learning experience together will bond us even more.  We won't be able to live like we do now, the budget will be tight, but we've weighed the pros and cons and we are super excited about our choice!

Outfit Details:
Coat: Kenzie Girl via Buffalo Exchange
Tights: Hue
Earrings: H&M
Boots: Sam Edelman

Currently Playing: Postal Service, "Sleeping In"


  1. Oooh I love this outfit. That coat is so gorgeous. Marc Jacobs dress for $22? WOWZAS lol xoxo

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful jacket! These are gorgeous images! hope you have a fun weekend! xoxo Jolie
    check out my giveaway if you get a chance!

  3. I loveee the dress on you! You styled it soo pretty. I love it with the coat.. ugh, adorable! I got it from Urban Outfitters; and just saw a bunch of them on the rack when I went last weekend! I know.. doesn't it fit perfectly?!! Loveee it, girl!

  4. i am really not happy about the idea of snow again! ugh. i hope the show goes as planned for you. i am very serious about my music events. i love the photos from between the trees. very cool! on living together before marriage: it can be worth it, but it will change your entire relationship (whether the change is for good or bad depends on you two).

  5. wow the coat is amazing

    I am so sick of the snow. I am from MN originally so snow itself isn't that big of a deal, but everyone in DC freaks out about it. Basically nothing will happen this weekend, which may be a good thing because I have too much work to do

  6. Awesome find - the jacket is beautiful! I really love your earrings. At first I saw the photo and thought "Hey, Tieka has that same dress!" haha. I think it's from UO.

  7. you have perfect music taste!!! iron&wine is a personal favorite (i fell in love with him the first time i heard "jesus, the mexican boy"... so ethereal!) ...

    stunning outfit for a winter snowball fight! you usage of dark florals is a great contrast against the snow. you look radiant. i actually have a similar post featuring dark florals up right now... great minds think alike? :)


  8. Beautiful photos. That coat is amazing!

  9. Lovely! I never realized how curly your hair was -- it's quite breathtaking. The teal tights pop against the snow, too. :)


  10. Hey I just discovered your blog! I really like it :)

    Great outfit, I love how you paired the dress with the colorful tights, looks awesome!

  11. Ah, this is perfect! The tights, the dress (It was one of my favorites on Tieka! So glad you got this one!) that COAT is amazing!! Everything here is so great. You sure do have a alot of snow..Im so jealous. And Im still so excited for you and Patrick! :) Eeep!

  12. Oh I forgot to mention that while you are in Charlottesville you should check out this vintage store (i can't remember the name) but it's right around the Urban Outfitters on Emmet St N. It's a huge shopping area that had brick walkways and on either side of the walkway are all kinds of shops.

  13. These are amazing picture, I love the first one! The dress is seriously pretty and your coat too!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  14. You look gorgeous! I love the tights and the coat and Tieka's dress! I love reading about people's awesome deals that they find. It's one of the best feelings to find something so lovely for such an affordable price. :)

  15. yay snow ! this is a cute outfit, i could never pull off teal leggings , but you can perfectly

    xo teresa

  16. i love this outfit...especially the dress!

  17. these are stunning photos of you! that coat is amazing and i wish i could take on your positive attitude about the snow! i remember when i lived in the south and wished for it!

  18. Love your outfit!
    Especially the dress and the earrings!

  19. love ur outfit and ur pics are stunning!