Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunny Road


Do you ever feel like your life is going about a million miles a hour?  That's how I feel right now.  I have so much on my to-do list.. for school, the blog, and miscellaneous things.. such as apartment research! Patrick and I decided to move in together next Spring.  I know it's a while away, but that gives us plenty of time to get everything we need together and not just jump on the first place we see, but really look around and find a great place for our budget. We've been wanting to do this for a long time, and knew it would happen eventually, but we just kind of realized that it IS possible and we don't have to wait until we graduate.. by then, we will be 24 or older.. love ya, Mom, but no thanks.  So we talked it over a lot, our families are very supportive and helpful, and we are beginning to look around!

I know, next Spring is a while away, but it's perfect timing because Pat will have his car paid off and that's the semester he's transferring to his university.  We are going to different colleges, but they are in neighboring cities, so we are going to find a place that's halfway... most likely in Norfolk.  We both live in Virginia Beach right now, and I will have at least a 30 minute drive to my school and he will have 45 minutes or longer, depending on traffic..needless to say, the move will be very helpful!
So I'm curious.. what are your opinions of moving in together before marriage?  It's mildly controversial and I know a lot of people have mixed opinions.  We know that we are going to get married eventually, but when the time is right.. which could be one or two or seven years from now.
Also, I may begin to post inspiration for decorating our place so I can get some feedback! Before I started this blog, I was never really into interior design, but once I saw some of your places, my mind completely shifted.  Patrick and I have very similar tastes, but of course, I like romantic, vintage, and pastels while his style is a bit more classic, clean, and a touch of modern.

Moving on to the outfit..I'm completely in love with this scarf.  It actually belongs to Tieka from Selective Potential! Our styles are different, yet I can always completely see elements in her outfits that I could see incorporating into my own outfits.  We decided to have a clothes swap and when I got the package last week, I literally put everything on and pranced around the house for about a hour.  I looked ridiculous, but felt wonderful.  Tieka sent some of her beloved items and I hope that I do them justice! I wanted to play with the colors of the scarf, and I really liked the end result! 


Outfit Details:
Scarf: Tieka from Selective Potential
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Thirfted
Belt: H&M
Tights (layered): Target, Hue
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Currently Playing:  Emiliana Torrini, "Sunny Road"


  1. Beautiful photos!

    My man and I have lived together three and a half years before we married and we had a great experience. To be honest, I think problems arise when the members of the couple have different intentions regarding where the relationship is headed (sometimes they don't know this, of course, before moving in, so it can be tricky). If both of you intend to stay together (regardless of whether marriage is in the picture, because you don't have to be married to be happy and together!), and you're both on the same page concerning the time frame of your marriage, and you know how to talk to each other about difficult things, moving in is great. But you must be prepared to be honest with yourselves about EVERYTHING. Because if you live together and don't work out, separating is majorly hard. It will be like a divorce, regardless of your marital status. I've had friends go through it. So as long as you're prepared for that, I say, go ahead. It worked out great for us!


  2. I don't know anyone who wouldn't live together before they got married! A different culture, I guess. I've lived with my Mr for a few years now, we got engaged at Christmas but won't get married for a good few years yet. Plenty of time for all that!

    Love your textured tights. :)

  3. Everyone is different of course. But living together was a prerequisite for me. I need to know exactly what I'm getting into. The 24/7, the stress, the ugly and the awesome. My husband and I lived together for about four years before we got married. Needless to say, I knew EXACTLY what it would be like after we "till death do us parted."

    You have to do what is right for you and your relationship. Trust your gut!

    PS Love this color combo and the belt is precious.

  4. I'm a huge advocate of couples living together. It's the best way to test the waters before fully committing to marriage. For me it was a must before marrying my husband and I'm glad that we did it.

    However, I do have friends that refuse to live together and their relationships work out just as great.

  5. beautiful scarf and love the leggings! so stylish! my husband and i dated for a long time but we knew we wanted to marry each other so badly! you do what you need to! :)

  6. I love the outfit Brittany! That scarf is so cute and so are those tights. :)

    I am excited for you and Patrick. I dont believe in moving in together before marriage, but in the same way, I dont believe in sex before marriage I dont know. My sister lived with her boyfreind for a few years and loved it. Sometimes I wonder "This would be so much easier if we just lived in the same house!"..OR "Gosh I wish we could live together so there arent any huge suprises when marriage comes"

    Whatever makes you happy. I am excited for you both! :) What an exciting time. Keep us updated on if you find any houses!

  7. love the placement of the scarf, the colors, and those crazy awesome patterned tights!

    I come from a fairly liberal family, so my opinion may be a bit more lax than others. Although I have never had a boyfriend, I see no problems with you two moving in together. Actually I find the idea quite smart. It shows your commitment and before you make the ultimate commitment (marriage), you're actually testing the situation out to make sure it works. I have no doubt you two will be great living together, but why not make sure before you're in too deep. It is also good you two are not rushing into things, you'll have time really work out how you are as a couple that cohabits instead of all of the sudden living together on a whim and thus erupting into fights.

  8. So, you guys could totally move into Ghent. Way affordable too! Anywho, as far as couples living together before marriage I've never seen anything wrong with it. My parents however wouldn't let me move in with Zach before getting married, so we just had to wait. Thank god we get along, right?

  9. I love that scarf on you -- the colors are just beautiful.

    I moved in with my fiance last year when we both were still in college and living in the dorms (we're married now). We are both from traditional Catholic families and both would have balked and thrown fits if they knew we were "living in sin" (though of course we didn't think of it that way). We had to hide my stuff every time they came to visit his apartment. Everyone is different, but for me it was important to see the person I was going to marry in his natural setting, and it helped us realize each other's preferences and prepared us for how we would be in marriage. It was a great time. Not every moment is completely wonderful (there will sometimes be arguments, extra dishes to wash, etc) but I would have done it all the same.

    I wish you the best of luck. If you think you are ready, go for it!

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  10. I love the belt and tights!

    My boyfriend and I are hoping to live together next semester. I haven't broken this news to my parents yet because I know it won't go over well. But I think it's important to do what you want sometimes and forget about that kind of stuff. Especially when it comes to life changing decisions. I can't imagine committing to marrying someone without knowing what it'd be like to live with them! It's funny how much views can change over one generation.

  11. As long as you are financially sounds, it's o.k., but if your not it could be a disaster. Never having enough money to do the things you love, could turn your relationship real sour. Like living pay day to pay day, not fun, when you have to just sit around and look at each other, because you have no money. Just enough to pay the bills. Best thing it over.

  12. My husband and I moved in together after we had been together for about two years, then we lived together for a few more years before we got married. I know some people are really traditional about this type of thing, but I don't think you can really know if a marriage will work between two people unless they have lived with each other and had to deal with each other's quirks all the time.

    Love the scarf and tights, by the way! Swapping clothes is such a neat idea!

  13. That scarf looks amazing on you.. and you styled it so perfectly! I'm so excited we've decided to do the swap.. I love all of the items you sent me. You have another large box coming (all of things you get to keep this time! (bahaha!)

    I think you and Patrick are doing absolutely the right thing if that's what you want! As for Brett and I, marriage came before living together, but that was only because it worked out that way! I always wanted that my whole life to live with no other man other than my husband, but since you and Patrick want to wed eventually.. I'd say go for it, but it's your life and I think whatever you want is best! You and pat are adorable.. and I'm sooo excited for you two!!

  14. i currently don't live with my boyfriend and we have no intentions on getting married, however you and your main squeeze seem like a COMPLETELY SOLID match. moving in together is a natural step that comes with time and maturity. you've got it :)

    awesome idea for a clothing swap! all 12 of you have really distinct styles and it's going to be great to see how all of you incorporate all of your gifts in your wardrobe.


  15. I think living together before marriage should totally depend on the relationship and the two people in it, social stigmas aside.If that's the next step for you two, then do it!
    (The only thing I'm against is that your moving away from Virginia Beach! I've been there a few times and LOVED it!! I didn't want to leave)

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  17. Django and I have been living under the same roof since day 2 of our relationship, almost 6 years now. It sound fast but we didn't really had the choice with our Long Distance situation (him from Vancouver, me from Montreal)! It is a true test for a future marriage; for us those 6 years have been wonderful! I'm sure you and Patrick will love the new living situation!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon