Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pretty Video & Pretty Blog

Pretty Video:
This video makes me want spring even more! Isn't it dreamy?  I wish I could just pop behind a tree and appear with a new vintage dress every time!

Pretty Blog:
Meet Shelby Ballou.  You've met her before, if you've been following me for a while, because she's the amazing photographer behind the pictures on my Vintage Coat post.  She definitely has an eye for art, and one huge way we connected was through music.  We went to the high school together but didn't really talk or know each other, but we knew of each other, that kinda thing.  Anyways, we were friends on Facebook, and I recommended a music video to her, we bonded, and began hanging out, and now we are the best of friends! She's one of the people that I come to first with exciting news, and she was the push I needed to start this blog.  So, I am very happy to announce that she has decided to transition her lifestyle/ photography blog, Moment of Clarity, into a documentation of her growth in style as well!  She's a jeans/ hoody type of gal in the moment, mostly due to the fact that she has to walk quite a ways to her classes, usually in the snow, and usually pretty early in the morning.  She has decided that she would like to evolve her style and gain more inspiration from the blogging world! So add her to your blog roll, leave her super nice comments/ emails, & welcome her to fashion blog community! I promise, she is one of THE sweetest people I've ever met and completely honest and real, as you can tell by her latest post. I LOVE YOU SHELBY.


  1. aw! what a cute dedication! its nice to know the supportive individuals behind the blogger. i will definitely check out her site :)


  2. lovely video, and i'm on my way to check out her blog now!

  3. Brittany!
    My goodness you are so amazing, I LOVE YOU TOO!
    And thank you thank you thank you, (more than words could ever express), for spreading the word of my blog's transition to fashion!
    I am super excited, as you know :)))
    As you also know, you're my main inspiration for's all due to you!

  4. looking forward to checking out her blog!

  5. that's so sweet, i'm definitely gonna go by her blog!
    you've got a cool blog too. Look at my blog, if you want :)
    Maybe we can follow each other? :)

    xx mona

  6. Thanks for he rec, I'll check her out!


  7. Her blog is super cute :) I like her alot! x

  8. awwwwww wow that video really is so pretty and definitely makes me want spring, and that perfect sailor number!