Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last week was rough for me. I honestly had a little bit of a meltdown. All that's been on my mind lately is graduate school, even though I don't even apply for another year, but every move I make right now will affect if I get into grad school or not.  Since I transferred to ODU from a community college with a degree, my GPA starts over at a 0 meaning I have to work super hard to get my GPA where I need it.  Grad school is competitive enough as it it, but with my major, only about 20 students are accepted to each school with over 100 applicants. If you don't have a certain GPA, forget about it.

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 coat via Buffalo Exchange in Seattle, vintage pocket watch necklace, dress Style&Co, Hue tights, Steve Madden boots

I got back my scores from my midterms and in all honesty, I should have been elated. I aced all of them, except for one. Audiology. The subject itself is very, very interesting, and I love learning the science the anatomy of the hear and how sound travels through the ear and how we test hearing. It directly relates to my brother (who is deaf and has a cochlear implant) and I actually completely understand the material.  However, I was warned about the teacher's testing style but didn't think much of it.  The wording was awful and it was like he was trying to throw you off. There was material on the test that many of us didn't think he even went over. And I got a C+. And I cried. Yes, I kid you not, I cried because I felt like this C+ would keep me from getting into graduate school and I obviously couldn't keep up with the material and maybe I should just quit now.

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It's times like those that I think about how incredibly lucky I am to have Patrick. He is there to tell me not to be so hard on myself, to believe in myself, and to tell me that I have what it takes and corrects my wording from "if I get into grad school" to "WHEN you get into grad school."  When I get stressed out about my future, I am comforted by knowing that no matter what happens school or career-wise, I will have the most loving, compassionate man by my side. There is no better feeling in the world.


  1. You just keep up that positive attitude of yours. You have such a great guy and you are lucky. There will always be those professors. Can you meet him on his office hours and discuss your future for graduate school? It might put you at ease with him as your teacher. Oh and I move your dress!! It looks very mod while being quite modern.

  2. man, professors like that suck the life out of you. i had a few exams in college that i felt totally prepared for, and then bam--the exam was completely impossible and it felt like the professor had been digging in footnotes for the most obscure questions.

    keep your head up! you'll be fine, and you will definitely get into grad school... and you'll look adorable while doing it! i loooove that coat!

  3. School can be really tough, and I can relate to beating myself up over grades and classes. But you just have to believe in yourself and your abilities :)
    Also, this outfit is so lovely! That yellow coat is great :)

  4. You look amazing Brit!!! Everything about this outfit is perfect, you're so gorgeous. And that coat...I am totally in love with that coat. If you see one anywhere in VB that looks even remotely like it, please let me know! But about your grades, I am 100% able to relate to that. I had four exams last week and I did relatively well on two, the other two slammed me with a C and a D-. A D-!!! I was honestly like "What in God's name is THIS?!?!?" It's in oceanography, which I despise with a passion...and even though it doesn't pertain to my major, I'm still so freaked out. Questioning my ability to stay in college and maintain good grades. Questioning everything in life, basically. It's just really tough. College is a biatch. But I know you're going to do great, and get into all the grad schools you apply to :) Don't waste your time worrying, because you are amazing!

  5. ODU - as in old dominion university? i almost went there for my undergrad! i actually visited the school (i'm from philadelphia area) and went to their scholarship competition but felt that it was too far from my family. i'd love to hear about your experiences there.

    and as for applying to grad school, my advice is this: one bad grade (even two) is not going to ruin your chances of getting in anywhere. i had a couple of bad grades (due to international monetary economics and management operation systems, bleh) and still ended up being accepted into a graduate program. if you have mostly a's on your transcript admissions officers are going to see the lower grade as an anomaly, not as the rule.

  6. I know everything will work out for you in grad school. It sounds like things went really well except for that one test, but I don't think that would hold you back. Patrick is saying the right thing - just think about WHEN you're going to get in, not if. Best of luck dear!

    Oh, & PS - You'll be the best dressed grad student I've ever seen : )

  7. the colors in this outfit are such wonderful offshoots of primary colors, that coat is macaroni and cheese yellow! I love it!

    I understand your stress. I've been giving myself the same make it or break it pressure in the past few weeks over other things and although it doesn't help the stress I cannot help feeling that way. I think you have a healthy concern over your future, but don't worry you're well on track and will definitely get into graduate school. One test cannot derail you and it's only the midterm, not the final. Now you know what to expect and can ace it next time. I've noticed that science profs are typically confusing because they're jerks, but now you can get back at him next time but seeing through those tricks and kicking butt on the next exam! You can do it! You're meant to go to grad school and change the world's audiology :)

  8. i love your dress, and the blue and yellow look fab together!
    Sorry to here that your having a hard time with school. I don't really know what to suggest to help apart from try not to be too hard on yourself - easier said then done i know :) x

  9. love the outfits they look great :) love your blog X

  10. what a beautiful dress and coat! this is such a fantastic outfit!

  11. Quelle robe magnifique et bravo pour tes photos !!!