Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

I've seen a couple of wish lists out in the blogosphere & thought it was an appropriate time to create my own! (Appropriate time meaning I'm supposed to be writing an essay.) Some of the items are a bit more realistic than others.. in my mind at least. Anything's possible though, right family & friends!? Wink, wink...

1. Canon 5D Mark II- My dream camera. The video capability is incredible and all of my favorite local photographers & friends seem to use this camera with dreamy results.  My first purchase once I'm done with college and land a "real" job, I'm buying one of these babies.
2. Tickets. Plane tickets to the Washington coast? Sure! Fleet Foxes concert, front row and center? Lovely! I love tickets of all sorts.
3. Hunter boots. I've been aching for a pair and I've completely fallen head over heels for this salmon-colored pair. I'm also partial to the red, but I think the salmon would go with my wardrobe money.  If I don't get a pair for Christmas I might have to splurge myself!
4. Pretty velvet part dress. So pretty for ice skating, an activity Patrick and I do a lot in the winter! My 21st birthday is also around the corner so this dress would be perfect for a dinner date. I have a vintage black velvet dress I thrifted a while ago, but it doesn't compare to this silver one!
5. Ladylike gloves. I particularly love the little bows on this pair and the robin's egg blue color. I have a great pair of tan leather fur-lined 1950s gloves, but this pair would be great for a pop of color!
6. Prints. I can't get enough of prints right now! Printed dresses, printed tops, printed skirts, printed tights.  I'm into mixing and matching for interesting combinations.  I love the muted tones of this dress from Toast, it's very neutral and would be perfect paired with just about anything.
7. A boston terrier.  Sigh. If I had to pick one thing out of my wish list, I would want a boston terrier puppy more than ANYTHING! Patrick and I talk about our future boston all the time.  He/she even has a name already! I can't wait to be a mommy to one of these precious dogs.
8. Frye boots.  I've wanted a pair of these for a while.  They are so timeless, classic, and chic and only get better with age! I wish I could afford more quality items that I will have forever, but that will come with time I suppose & that's why vintage is so great! I would want dark brown, it goes with just about everything & will age well!
9. A designer bag. Chloe bags have my heart! They are so feminine and sturdy. This one would never leave my side!
10. Macbook. This will become a necessity sooner or later. Once we move out, we won't have a single computer! Well, Patrick has an old desktop and I have a laptop that crashes, but we will need a reliable one.  Macbook is the perfect solution.. I've wanted one since I was a sophomore in high school!


  1. such a lovely list, had to make one of my own. Wish I ask for tickets for the place I want to go to. lol

  2. I love seeing other people's wishlists...and I love making them! I already made mine and it's always a combo Christmas/birthday list, which means I get to make it a little bit bigger than normal hehehe ;]

    Anyways, I LOVE those gloves and I hope you get your puppy! When I was little, my neighbor bred boston terriers. There were literally dozens running around her house and backyard!

  3. Lovely pics! I also have a new Macbook on my Christmas list! Hope you get one :)

  4. I really love seeing Wishlists. They're so personal and so much fun.

    I agree with a lot of your picks!
    Nice blog!

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  5. oo I want a boston terrier too hehe

    salmon hunters!? oo love the color, you totally ned those

    I love my Frye's although sometimes it takes 10 minutes to pry them off my feet. They do go with everything though

  6. I LOVE that a boston terrier is on your wishlist! Every year I put a dog on mine and I have yet to get one of my own... maybe this will be the year??!? ;)

  7. Such a pretty wishlist! My family had a boston terrier when I was younger, I still miss him!

  8. ahhh come onnnn canon 5D mkII?? its not the camera...Its the lenses. Nikon is a camera/lens company and canon makes printers.... haha just kidding whatever floats your boat sad to see you go to the dark side;)

    ps. I love your posts lately and your photos! Yuo've come a long way! I'd still love to do a reshoot with you sometime:)

  9. lovely list! ditto on that list

  10. That Chloe bag is more than gorgeous. I hope you get at least 50% of your wishlist. I would be happy with any of them for xmas. xx


  11. hunterboots!!! absolutely love them :) get it first lol xxx


  12. This is the best wishlist ever...dress, boots, gloves and that PURSE. I want it all.

    But I get to cross Macbook of my wishlist. My Macbook Pro is on it's way and should be arriving in the mail tomorrow! I am quite giddy.