Friday, October 8, 2010

Flightless Bird

Fall break is here! Granted, we only get off school from Saturday to Tuesday, I go to school six days a week so that lets me skip three classes! I am working tomorrow and Sunday for a few hours, but I have a fun weekend planned. Tonight Patrick and I are going to see Joe Pug at the Attucks Theater in Norfolk, tomorrow I'm hanging out with Shelby and then Danielle, and Sunday after work I will probably just relax with Patrick! Tuesday I'm finally taking pictures with a friend to update my shop & I'm getting more red in my hair & a cut!

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uocatologstyle 094

thrifted sweater cape, necklace gift from patrick, asos dress, f21 tights, seychelles heels

The other day, Patrick and I went to have lunch at Town Center, which is the "urban" area of Virginia Beach.  Really, it's just a square with about 4 street's worth of shops and restaurants.  A new soup/sandwich shop had opened up and I was really in the mood for a good soup. Unfortunately, the menu online failed to mention the soups weren't offered daily, only a selection of two. Of course the soup I wanted wasn't the daily special, so I had a tomato and mozzarella sandwich. It wasn't anything spectacular and I've had better. The restaurant layout was really strange, too. It was supposed to be a sandwich shop but it had an overall upscale vibe, which made me a little uncomfortable to be honest! In the back of the restaurant, there was a "market" and we were expecting a variety of wines, cheeses, etc., but instead we found Advil, boxed rice, and orange juice. Quite the variety, eh?

Desert was much better, though! We headed over to The Royal Chocolate and indulged in some truffles (pumpkin, tiramasu, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and caramel!) and some spicy mayan dark hot chocolate. Delicious!

uocatologstyle 106
uocatologstyle 085
uocatologstyle 080

 This cape was a recent thrift store find. At first, I immediately thought it would be going into the shop because I didn't think I could pull it off.  However, after this outfit, I'm so torn! I think it will be having a little home in my closet, at least for now...

I am unbelievably excited to wear tights again. They can make outfits so much more interesting & they are one of my favorite things to buy! I'm really looking for more sweater wool tights this year, I only have one pair but I found myself wearing them ALL the time last year when it got really cold, even when they didn't match! I'd also like to find some cute printed tights.. perhaps with little deer or other adorable animals all over? Let me know if you have any tight/legging shops to suggest!

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  1. One of my favorite looks from you. I adore the pointelle tights and the Seychelles heels. Tres lovely.


  2. lovee the tights and that cape is adorable!

  3. That sounds like such a fun weekend! That reminds me to take some more pictures for a shop update as well.

    Ps - love the shoes and necklace. The details are great!

  4. that sandwich shop does sound a little odd. Sandwiches are meant to be lowkey, not gourmet dining experiences haha

    you look so glam in these photos!

  5. You can totally rock a cape! It looks fabulous with that dress:)

  6. This outfit is sooo cute! I love your necklace and your shoes.

  7. This has to be one of my fave outfits!
    You look so beautiful in purple. I wish I could find cute capes like that around here. I guess i have to look hard enough right?

  8. wow, i wish i found something like that cape in the thrift stores :) great blog also !
    check out mine at

  9. Keep the cape for yourself, it looks so good on you! ;)

    spicy mayan dark hot chocolate? oh my, sounds amazing....i had spicy chocolate coffee the other, it was really really good!

  10. that cape is SO amazing and i love how you paired it with that dress. you should really keep it! not too many girls know how to pull off a piece like that and you certainly nailed it <3

  11. You look so lovely, this outfit is exactly my cup of tea! That cape is an amazing find; very jealous. x

  12. WOOOOOW! Your cape is PERFECT! I love the whole look, the tights are a fabulous touch!! xxx

  13. That poncho is FANTASTIC! I need that in my life now!!!

  14. has anyone ever said you look like daisy lowe? cause you do! i LOVE this outfit! xx

  15. Mad mad mad mad MADLY in love with this outfit! Down to the last detail! I just found my new favorite blog. :)

  16. i adore the cape, it looks wonderful! loving you blog :) i am your newest follower!!! xxx

  17. I promise you the cape is going to a good home, and I was so pleased to find out that you had a blog as well as the shop (which sounds backwards... haha) Beautiful look, and hopefully I can sport this cape as well as you can!