Friday, September 3, 2010

Munden Point Park

One of the places with the fondest memories for me is Munden Point Park. It is located in southern Virginia Beach, really close to the North Carolina border & near Chesapeake. Almost every single time I ask a friend, who has grown up in the area, if they have ever been to Munden, 99% say no. It is one of the area's best kept secrets, so I hope I don't spoil it here! But the park truly has so much to offer- water for water skiing and boating, picnic tables, canoes for rental, and lots of wide, open spaces.

munden 005munden 004
American Apparel headband, H&M tank top, thrifted skirt, thrifted shoes
I brought along my beloved Pentax K1000 that I bought in Seattle for $25, including the 135mm & 50mm lenses! Hopefully the roll will turn out ok because I took a few shots of the water, Patrick, & some butterflies! I'm really looking forward to investing more time/money in film.. it's a shame it's a dieing hobby!

munden 007munden 023
munden 031
Also, I mentioned on my Twitter a few days ago that I died my hair.. this is the result! It's pretty much just darker with a hint of dark red! I'm thinking of going more red next time.. what do you guys think?

munden 013munden 014
My favorite color combination lately has been black, white, & red! I've already thought of a few fall/winter outfits including this palette. I've had this shirt literally FOREVER, probably since 9th grade, and I think this is the first time I've EVER worn it. Isn't that nuts?! It was just one of those items that I bought & always kind of forgot about. Now I'm in love & want to layer it for fall!

Well, we have "Hurricane" Earl outside right now, so I suppose I should log off before I get kicked off. Jokes. The "hurricane" turned out to be a small storm, and schools, businesses, the entire city pretty much shut down last night & this morning. That's the thing about living in a city that's hit by hurricanes.. you never know when to call their bluff! Oh well, it gave me the morning to sleep in!


  1. Adorable outfit! I love finding places like Munden-places that not many people know about : ) Those are always the best to go away to.

  2. I love this outfit! Red/black/white are the color palette around Athens because of UGA, so I have a natural love for them. Lucky you for knowing about such a well-kept secret place -- I love taking photos at locations like that.

    Hope the hurricane remains a small storm for you all!

  3. HA! You think I'm gorgeous? Check in the mirror! These photos are really lovely, aside from the fact that you're so lovely and now I feel like I've been missing out on an important part of life not owning a red skirt (I NEED TO BUY A RED SKIRT), but anyways these are really perfect shots! The lighting is amazing. :D You just got a new follower. (:


  4. These pictures are so sweet, you look absolutely lovely!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. What a cute outfit! You wear red well. Munden park sounds pretty!

    Oh and Tortilla West is actually in the weirdest area! It's at 508 Orapax Street Norfolk, VA 23507 and it's kind of off the beaten path. You might want to google map it because it's hard to describe how to get there. But the food is so yummy:)

  6. You look fabulous in red! Keep on wearing it!

  7. u looks greatt!! im loving the topss! :))


  8. I love red on you!

    I just dyed my hair last night and it is soooo dark! I'm still getting used to it. And no matter what color I go there is always a red tint to it. I really love your color, looks great on you. I think if you went a little redder it would look awesome!

  9. I love these photos! And your hair looks great, especially in this light. I hope your photos do turn out great and that you share em with us! One of my favorite things to do is buy those cheap, disposable cameras from the store and take tons of just feels good to use film sometimes instead of being all tech savvy. HA!

    And YAYYY, I can't believe your visiting next'll love it here! I live probably just 5 miles north of the city and about 20miles from the center of the city.