Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feet of Gold

Do you like my title? I literally sat here for about 30 minutes brainstorming. Streets of gold? Feet of Gold? Ok.. moving on. A few months back, Liz from Late Afternoon posted this look & I continued to lust after a similar lace dress/ cardigan. Luckily for me, about two weeks ago I thrifted this black lace shirt from the lingerie section (I will be posting a thrifting tips post soon, which as a request from my Formspring!). I am looking forward to mixing it up this fall/winter with some interesting tights & perhaps a more pale (or bright?) color scheme.

pics 004pics 003
pics 009
thrifted lace shirt, thrifted dress, thrifted belt, thrifted vintage bracelet, golden ponies shoes

The warm weather we have been having is killing me. I am ready for fall! I've been collecting some granny sweaters & tights & boots & they are ready to make their debut to the world! For a couple of days we had super nice weather in the low 70s, but today it's back up to 86.. which I guess I shouldn't complain about, considering a month ago it was probably close to 110. 

I have been waiting months to show off my new gold Golden Ponies oxford flats. The shoes are a dream, and I couldn't believe the price tag! Erandi's items are all handmade (yes, handmade shoes for under $40! Are you serious!) The oxfords literally feel like wearing slippers, they are so unbelievably comfortable! If you'd like a pair, the oxfords are available here, but check out her entire shop because she has an incredible selection of colors/ styles & does custom orders!

pics 018pics 020
pics 043
pics 039
I've been taking more & more film pictures with my Pentax & actually got my first role developed a few days ago and the pictures overall turned out pretty great! I had no idea what I was doing and set the camera on random settings, so for that method, I was very pleased! Once I find a scanner, I will do a post! Do you guys still use film? It can get pricey with film and developing, but I think it is so worth the extra effort. Nothing really can compare to the feeling of ripping open the package & looking through pictures you forgot you took.

pics 055pics 033
pics 015
pics 001


  1. Your pictures look so great today! I'm trying to get mine to look this good but can't seem to get it down. It's hard when other people are taking pictures that don't know how to work cameras : /

  2. oh such a great blog!
    love the photographs; they are such good quality!
    the black lace is perfection!

    i'm a follower!


  3. So I LOVE the gold shoes with this outfit and that lacy top is amazing! And I'm with you with the weather...I've been collecting warm, fall clothes for months now and it'll probably still be months before I can wear them!

  4. I am dying to get a pair of these shoes (I think in white) but I'm nervous about fit -- what size did you get and what size(s) do you generally wear and how do you think the fit is? :)

    anyway- adorable outfit and adorable blog!

  5. What a fantastic outfit!!! You look amazing and those shoes are just awesome! Gold looks very good on you. And yup!!! I am so over this 86 degree crap weather. Bring me some 60s please:)

  6. The belt and shoes are cute! I actually just bought my first film since ages ago. I wanna try taking pictures with my parents old canon. I def enjoy opening the envelope with forgotten pictures as well.