Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Step on up, kid

Lately I've been thinking a lot about locations for photos.  It sounds pretty easy to find locations for pictures, but in reality, it's probably the hardest thing about keeping up with this blog.  I want to push myself to be as creative as possible but location is something I struggle with because I've lived in Virginia Beach my whole life & sometimes the most picturesque locations aren't always the ones that first come to mind.. you have to do a little digging.

norfolk 005
norfolk 015
norfolk 021
thrifted dress, necklace gift from patrick via etsy, thrifted belt, Forever 21 ring, thrifted mock vintage Dooney & Burke purse, thrifted clogs

A friend told me about these steps in Norfolk & I thought it would be a fun idea! They are somewhat hidden & aren't off of an actual road, so we had a bit of trouble finding them but apparently it's something a lot of tourists like to come and take pictures by.  Lots of little kids were running around & throwing pennies into the water (make a wish!).  Ah, I daydream about summers when Patrick and I will come back to Virginia Beach for the summers visiting from the coast of Washington (or Oregon or northern California.. any of those will do) and get to show our kids all of the little attractions like these.  The simple things.. how to roll down Mt. Trashmore, the joys of picking fresh strawberries from the fields near Sandbridge, paddle boarding down the bay.  I look forward to sharing these memories with them someday! (Someday in the far, far future.)

norfolk 029
norfolk 034
norfolk 041

After playing on the steps for a bit, the sun reached my absolute favorite place for picture taking.  Wonderful for detail shots. This outfit is almost completely thrifted, with the exceptions of the necklace & ring.  It never really happens intentionally, but I always find some of the outfits I love most were mostly thrifted.  I suppose it helps that my wardrobe is slowly becoming mostly thrifted clothing, anyways. Every now & then, though, I can't resist a splurge, like the ones I just made from Urban Outfitters & Topshop! (More on that later..)

norfolk 052
norfolk 053
norfolk 046
norfolk 081

And I had to practically beg & plead Patrick to let me take serious pictures of him so I could get some practice in with the camera's manual settings! He can't hold a straight face, he always wants to do something ridiculously goofy, which is normally fine with me. For a short few minutes, I was a proud woman.

norfolk 058
norfolk 062

norfolk 064

..Until he felt the burning desire to become an Urban Outfitters model...

norfolk 076

norfolk 071
norfolk 075
 norfolk 077
norfolk 074
(No offense, any Urban Outfitters models. We love your store.)

Also, for my next post I think I'm going to put up the answers to my Formspring questions. I've been loving all of the music questions! If there's anything your heart desires to ask me about vintage, relationships, etc, feel free to ask away!


  1. wow Patrick makes a great UO model lol

    I love your bag!

  2. I have exactly this problem!! When you live in a city, you really have to travel far out of your way to find a great location, and I rarely have the time. I think these photos are beautiful, you really found such a lovely place, and your outfit is so nice!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. I'm totally LOLing at Patrick's modeling poses and expressions! Oh and what a fun place to take pictures! I've never seen those before! Fun times:) And your outfit is beautiful! Lovely as always:)

    So when do you plan on moving to Washington? Is it in the near future?

  4. What a lovely man you have. And your dress is the perfect summer garment, easy and classy. You're really getting good with the camera!


  5. What a lovely dress! These photos are also great :)

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  7. i love the dress and the bag. so pretty!


  8. Oh my gosh Brittany! You are just the cutest. You look so pretty in every single one of these photo's, and Patrick made me laugh! I still want to hang out with you someday....I have faith that it will happen! :)

  9. You look gorgeous in the 2nd pics, and the details shots with the sun lights are beautiful too. Love that owl ring!

  10. You look gorgeous! I love your outfit, that dress is amazing.

  11. These pics are the cutes, and I loooove that dress on you!

  12. Great outfit!!! The combination of the purse, clogs and belt is epic!! I am sure you could exchange any dress with that combination of accessories and it would look amazing!!!



  13. Great pictures, I just love your blog name! That owl ring is the BEST!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  14. I love how vintagey this outfit is. Adorable dress!

  15. creativity accomplished! the marble slabs are a lovely backdrop to your adorable dress!