Friday, July 9, 2010

Special Delivery

I got a wonderful package from Urban Outfitters yesterday! A few things for me, a few things for the bearded one.

random! 092

I also got the pair of Topshop shoes later in the day that I absolutely adore. You will see these items styled up soon!

Is it just me, or after you place the order online doesn't it always seem like you've ordered so much more than what you got? Maybe it's just because I'm not so used to paying so much for new clothes.


  1. I love that polka dot dress and topsiders are like the best shoes I own, comfy and old man chic haha

  2. "the bearded one"-i love it! haha

  3. Where is that bedspread from? I LOVE it (and I also love the polka dotted dress).