Monday, March 8, 2010

Etsy is in full swing & so is my dress!

First and foremost.. my Etsy shop is up & running! I went live yesterday with a few listings and I have a LOT more to go, so even though my stock is a teensy bit low right now, I will be updating a lot all this week & continue to as I get more items! Check out my Etsy by clicking here!  I had my first purchase today, a vintage 1970s Coach bag that sold within the first 10 minutes of listing! I'm still giddy with joy over that!

Speaking of the Etsy shop, this vintage 60s-70s dress will be making its way there later in the week, maybeee tomorrow?!  I absolutely adore the way it flows.  At first I was sure I was going to hem the dress to make it above the knee, but boy am I glad I didn't!



As I'm sure you've noticed before, I'm not much of a heels person, but I'm making this announcement publicly: I'M TRYING! I really am! But flats are just so darn comfy.  However, at a stature of 5'2, I sometimes need that extra lift, especially with longer dresses as such. Otherwise, I just drown in them!



 Patrick and I are booking our Seattle trip in about two weeks.. just need to save up that extra bit of money! That's where all of my Etsy proceeds are going right now.  Do any of you guys live in Seattle or ever spent a bit of time there?  I could use plenty of tips & ideas!



Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage
Belt: H&M
Tights: Hue
Heels: Banana Republic via Plato's Closet

Currently Playing: Angus and Julia Stone, "Black Crow"


  1. You have to hang out on Capitol Hill! It's such a cool neighborhood and tons of places to eat! And make sure you go to the Pike Place market and see them throwing the fish around!

  2. Your etsy shop look great! I hope you have success with it : )

  3. I love this outfit Brittany! So 50's :) Im going to your etsy shop right this moment. Im so excited that you got it up and going! x

  4. Wow, you wear that dress wonderfully!!! I'm glad we found it at Salvation Army.

  5. Other than what's already been said, make sure to go to the U-District, that's by the University of Washington, for lots of good thrift stores.
    Red Light is an AMAZING vintage store, and the Goodwill there has some pretty amazing stuff. Also, Buffalo Exchange is always a good bet.

    As for food, make sure you go to one of Tom Douglas's restaurants. Etta's is right by Pike Place!

  6. love the heels! I am only 5'2" (why are all of the fashion bloggers so short haha?) but I run around campus to do much more than a few inches, still I love these shoes on you.

    there are so many Seattle bloggers I feel lame giving you tips on what to visit considering I only went for 3 days, but I would recommend:

    *Gasworks park, an old oil refinery turned into a public park. a really fun photo spot with great views of the bay

    *freemont is just an adorable little part of town with fun shops and restaurants galore

    *Elliot Bay Book Company is the best bookstore I've ever been too. friendly staff, every book you could ever want, and the shelves are loaded with adorable staff recommendations. I believe they just moved to the Capitol Hill neighborhood, so check into the address.

    *Discovery park is beautiful and perfect for a nice hike. gorgeous woods and eventually a fun little beach. but be warned, hiking shoes or at least sneakers required haha

  7. I love that blue skirt.. it's gorgeous on you! And those shoes are amazing. I'm so excited for your shop and your FIRST sale!! How exciting!!

  8. I used to be a complete non-heels person (I lived in chucks), but now it is so hard for me not to wear heels every day!!

  9. Congrats on your store! I'll be checking it out! I've never been to Seattle but have a couple of friends who live there, and they seem to love it.

    And congrats on being short, too. :) I'm only 5'1, but I rock it. You don't look short at all :)


  10. Congrats on your Etsy! I'm definitely going to check it out. Love those shoes.

  11. congratulations on your etsy shop! how wonderful! i cannot believe that you are only 5'2"... no way. i'm 5'4" and feel much MUCH shorter than you. you must have amazing posture!

    @julia: you're only 5'1"? i'm turning out to be a jolly green giant in the blogging world, hahah!