Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage Coat & Vintage Photos


So, for everyone who says it never snows in Virginia Beach.. here's more proof! Yesterday morning it was coming down like crazy! And about 4 hours later, it was super sunny and all of the snow melted.. VB weather for ya.  Anyways, I got this coat from my thrifting adventure yesterday, and I'm glad that I took pictures because I was a stupid girl and put it in the wash because I didn't want to pay for dry cleaning.  STUPID! It's pretty much ruined now.  I know, I know.. I've learned my lesson.  Sigh.

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On another note, a couple of days ago I spent the morning at my grandmother's house and I wanted to see her wedding pictures, because I've been dreaming of a vintage wedding dress (no, I'm not engaged, but it's so fun to think about!).  So we dug up the pictures and ended up finding tons of pictures from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  All of the pictures of the little girl (except the first picture) and the wedding pictures are my grandmother, along with the graduation picture (her dress looks like a wedding dress there, too.. wish she would have kept it!).  The rest of the pictures are of her friends and relatives.



  1. Your coat doesnt look bad in the image! These vintage images are amazing! I love vintage wedding dresses! xoxo Jolie

  2. oh no! what a shame that the coat is ruined, it's so cute! i hate dry-clean only clothes and either 1) never clean them, or 2) try washing them and shrink them to oblivion. now whenever i see a dry clean only tag i put the garment back on the rack...

  3. I love the vintage pictures. I've been bugging my grandparents to let me have theirs because they are so beautiful! Oh and the coat looks great, you can't tell that its ruined.


  4. I love old pictures so much. All of these pictures are so lovely! I was actually thinking about posting some old pictures of my family, but my scanner is kind of crappy. :\
    Also, I love your coat! I'm sorry that it got ruined! Dry clean only can be a pain...

  5. I love vintage beach photos hehe!

    the coat is lovely, great color, sorry you ruined it

  6. lovely family photos! these are so inspirational... i'm quite fond of the second to last photo of the full calf-length dress. sorry about your coat... i once ruined the world's most perfect a WOOL sweater because i was too cheap for dry-cleaning... ugh, hate when that happens.


  7. your coat is amazing and so are all of those lovely photos!!

  8. Pretty coat -- sorry it got ruined! But at least you have these photos to remember it by....and the snow, haha.


  9. coat is super cute!
    the photos are really beautiful.

  10. This coat is so pretty! I'm sorry it got ruined in the wash, but atleast it was a lesson learned =]

  11. I love those old pictures! They are fantastic!

  12. Sorry to hear about your jacket, we all have to make that error once! At least your have the pretty photo!

    Those picture are very lovely! The deer one is way too adorable!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  13. I love the vintage photos! Your grandmother is so pretty in them. It makes me miss my grandma so much, she passed away in September.

    Ugh, they're calling for snow here in SC later this afternoon. If you're still getting snow in Virginia Beach, it doesn't bode well for us. Columbia & Charleston are both under a winter storm warning until 6:00 am, nooooooo!!

  14. I wore my mothers dress when I got married... I had to remove the sleeves and add a black ribbon around the waist but the rest of it was untouched.... best decision I made :)

  15. First, I died over that wonderful purple coat! Then I saw all these wonderful old photos of your grandmother and they just blew me away! I love the wedding picture in particular!

  16. Love these photos! I've been really into vintage wedding dresses lately, too. (I'm also not engaged, haha.) My mom wants me to wear her dress but it's an 80s disaster...complete with long sleeves and shoulder pads, ugh.

  17. i love old pictures! great coat :)

  18. sorry about your coat :[

    your grandmother's photos are really pretty. i really wish i can find some well-fitting vintage bathing suits like the ones in the photos. they're just so perfect!

  19. Sorry for the coat, but i think it looks fine. What a wonderful pictures, i'm in love with vintage photographies even if they're not professional they cause me nostalgia...

    Please drop by my blog and tell me what you think!!

    Greetings dear

  20. My grandmother's photos are my absolute favorite! I love vintage photos, but it is so much better when they are of your family!

    And I am sorry to hear about your coat...I cannot even tell you how many times I have done that. :(

  21. These are really amazing! I love looking at old photographs! All of your recent posts have been so great! the light in that last set was just breathtaking! Gorgeous girl!