Thursday, January 28, 2010

When I Was A Young Girl


When I was a young girl, I used to be OBSESSED with the Lion King.  I mean.. I would come home from the babysitter's house and literally watch it over and over and over.  My bed sheets were Lion King, my favorite nighty was Lion King, I had a giant Simba stuffed animal that I couldn't sleep without, and I knew one day I wanted to name my daughter Nala.  Yeah.. obsessed.

See my growl face?  Yeah, so this is kind of my Lion King-inspired outfit.  I just realized it now looking back on these pictures, but I guess I never grew out of the obsession in a way. I haven't worn the scarf in forever.. if I've ever even worn it?! I don't know, but I knew it had to be done!  



I'm a little stressed out this morning.. I have school, then I have to take a test after class, rush home, change clothes, stop by the bank, rush to work, work a 6 hour shift, head to my dad's because he wants to give me my birthday present early, shower, pack all of my things for NY this weekend, and go to bed and wake up around 5am for the flight! I'm ready for today to be over already! Sorry for the rant.



Outfit Details:
Scarf: ??
Sweater: Gap
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Hue
Boots: Sam Edelman

Currently playing: Feist, "When I Was A Young Girl"


  1. You hair is so pretty up like that!
    My little sister was also obsessed with the lion king, one of her first sentences was "You're the one and future king" haha!
    This outfit is cute, i think the scarf makes it perfect.
    Don't stress out too much that you forget to have fun =]

  2. Aw, I love your colors here and mix of patterns! The scarf is so pretty and I'm loving your skirt!

  3. You look great in these saturated colors -- I usually see you in paler ones or neutrals, but these bold ones looks amazing, too! When I was little, I was too sad to watch the Lion King. I couldn't watch anything with animals as main characters because by five years old, I knew the animal would always die....morbid, huh :)?


  4. I never would have guessed an outfit inspired by the Lion King would turn out like this. The patterns and color combo are pretty incredible. I love red and yellow together and I don't think I would ever mix those on my own. Now I might have to give it a try...

  5. I love this! I always cried in Lion King so i only watched it a few times. I got scared by the mean guys. This is an amazing outfit though - I love your tights especially. I love everything though - good luck on your test. Dont wear yourself out with everything you have to do!

  6. Cute outfit with great color! Lion King!? Fun! I don't remember much of it, except the opening theme song; I always sing it to Django and he laugh because I'm a terrible singer! My favorite movie younger were before Disney big hits! Little mermaid and The Swan Lake both Japanese animation translate to french!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  7. i can totally see the lion king in this outfit!

  8. Your Lion King story me want to sing the verse in hakunamatata that says, "When I was a young wart hog" :)

    I love those tights and the color combo of your outfit is fab.

  9. I love the coat so much! Aw, The Lion King. It's strange that I feel that I barely remember that!

  10. great scarf, fabulous skirt
    beautiful look darling
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your lovely comments, it means the world to me!


  11. you look so awesome here, and i still think that nala is a really pretty name for a girl <3

  12. let me first say that you have awesome music taste with the feist song... i love how light her voice is! 'lion king' was an important movie for anyone born from 1983 - 1995. it was perfectly crafted, musically and artistically. just like your outfit - stunning combination of mustard yellow and deep red. hope you have a great time in nyc :)


  13. THE LION KING! At one point I could quote that whole film. Marvellous. It's still good, I watched it when I was at home at Christmas time. Great outfit too, you really work that yellow (jealous!! I can't wear yellow!).

  14. You have been looking so freaking HOT! Holy moly girl! I got my shoes last night too by the way!! SO CUTE! Wearing them today! I hope you are having so much fun in NY! I will be there soon too!!

    I have to say, I love all the colors and textures you have going on here! AND I LOVED the Lion King as a young girl too! Saw it in the movie theaters!

  15. This ensemble is really cute. I've decided mustard yellow is the best color of clothing out there; it just flatters everyone! A.