Monday, January 25, 2010

Waiting For My Blue Sky


.. so I'll wear blue, instead!  Pretty simple outfit, but I loved the shades of blue and brown.  It's been raining and cloudy the past few days, but at least it isn't freezing..!  It's restaurant week here in Virginia Beach, and since our Starbucks met our VIA goal (VIA is gross FYI..), corporate gave our store $500 to do what we wanted with it.  We went to an Italian restaurant called Fire and Vine and the leftover money was donated to Haiti.

Earlier in the day (I'm referring to Friday, by the way.. I'm a little behind), I went out to lunch with a friend who is also in the Speech Pathology program at ODU.  We coincidentally sat right next to each other in statistics last spring, and she's the only person I know in the program right now! She gave me so much information, and I'm partly at ease, but partly more nervous! She was saying that a lot of students don't make it through undergrad without switching majors or just not passing and about 1/3 of those who do make it get accepted into the grad program.  UGH, I'm so nervous! I know I can do it, but there are always those little doubts, you know?

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift from Patrick
Dress: Thrifted
Tights: Hue

Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Forever 21

Currently playing: Kalai, "Waiting For My Blue Sky"


  1. I love the brown and blue combo. like a robins egg in its nest. speech pathology does tend to be tough, it has to be something that you love doing.

  2. good luck on your school-work and professional choices - i'm just now at the tail end of my college career and i'm STILL stressed out. it's fascinating that you're studying something so unique!

    your necklace is my favorite part of this outfit - it really pulls everything together in a really romantic fashion.


  3. I am writing to tell you that I had to shut down my old blog due to personal reasons, but I have started a new one, posting under the new link above and under the name "tess."

    please stop by!


  4. Oh this is so pretty! I love the blue/brown combo! Adorable necklace too!

  5. in love! i love your tights...and brown boots! you're seriously too cute brittany!

  6. Cute outfit! i love the brown belt with the blue dress!

  7. I love how this outfit is so professional, yet shows off your personality with the blue tights. I'm loving that belt too!

  8. i love the blue color of the dress. i find blue is the most versatile color there is. anyway, your belt and necklace have me adoring them.

    i'm sure all will go well with school work. i wish you luck!

  9. Your hair always gives me hair envy! It is gorgeous!

    I remember being so psyched out by other students, or grad students coming to talk to us and telling us that grad school is so tough, you can't work with classes, etc. Honestly it wasn't bad at all, and it kind of frustrated me that everyone always tried to psych me out! You can definitely do it! If you ever have any questions or need encouragement, you know where to come! :)

    Thank you so much for the music suggestions. I am going to take some time this week and preview everything I am not familiar with!

  10. The belt and tights are my favorite. They pop right out of the outfit! Darling :D


  11. That dress is sooo beautiful. It always makes me jealous when someone has a beautiful thrifted find, because it means I can't find one for myself :-(

  12. gorgeous
    i LOVE this look
    simple and chic
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your sweet comment, i really do appreciate it!


  13. eeep. i know i already commented on this but i saw your new header in my feed and had to comment. so so cute. love it! x

  14. Love the outfit! The belt is so pretty and so is the blazer,shoes,tights...well everything!

  15. What a fun necklace! Looks very pretty on you. And I'll go ahead and agree that your hair is always awesome.

  16. Great look! I love the brown with the blue. The tights are such a beautiful shade, the the jacket and dress are so pretty.

  17. I love the blazer and the boots..cute :)