Thursday, January 21, 2010

Minnie Mouse in the House


My Minnie Mouse Blouse! Hahah, oh how I love saying that out loud. Say it! I promise you a chuckle. I bought this beauty from Etsy a while back, and I cannot believe it has not been worn yet.  I've put it on several times with a black skirt, but the only thing that matches without looking weird is white tights but then I COMPLETELY look like Minnie Mouse! So I gave up the fight and went with PANTS.  I always feel strange wearing pants, I'm so used to dresses and skirts these days.  I missed them the whole day. I'm not completely crazy about this outfit.. it's very, very basic, but I am glad I wore the blouse!



I apologize for the different colors of the sky in these pictures.. don't know what's going on with that! Whatevs.

As I mentioned before, I've been having trouble finding locations to take outfit photos that are near campus and/or my house.  It's so frustrating! Yesterday, I drove all the way down the road my college is on in hopes of finding something.  I found a really cool abandoned shed that Patrick and I are going to shoot at on Sunday.. I was kind of scared to take them by myself.  After searching and searching and finding nothing, I just turned into a random neighborhood and settled for this fence.  It's not the most exciting thing in the world, but it did make me happy to see (after shooting my outfit photos) that there were two horses in the backyard! How neat.


Outfit Details:
Blouse: Etsy
Pants: Jolt
Flats: don't remember

Currently playing: Mickey Mouse, "Minnie Mouse in the House"

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  1. Love love love your blouse! SO cute and I love that you got it from etsy!

  2. That blouse is adorable! And I think it looks great with the pants! Soo cute! Super excited... for you know what! ;)

  3. Adorable blouse! I admire your dedication for a picture. Sometimes a simple brick wall is a nice contrast though.

  4. cute blouse, love the bow on it

  5. Of course I loved this on Chictopia, but it is kind of Minnie Mouse blouse and I love pieces that remind me of nostalgic things! Very pretty look.

  6. Love the blouse. Especially love the bow in your hair.

  7. I totally do not think that you look like Minnie Mouse at all! Black, red and white is actually one of my favorite color combinations! You where it very well!

  8. Super cute! I can't wait to do more location shoots like yours.

  9. very cute! i just love this blouse!


  10. You don't like this? I think it's wonderful in its simplicity. The blouse is great on you!

  11. Oh what an absolutely adorable blouse, love it!! Looks perfect with the simple black pants. :)

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