Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's Inspiring Me Right Now...

Lately I've been inspired by dainty, pretty, whimsical, romantic, lacy, pastel-colored items. All of my favorite outfits are completely set for a tea party. Speaking of, my best friend and I made a date for next month (she goes to college about a hour away in Williamsburg, and failed to tell me about this amazingness I've been missing out on) to have an adventure in an antique mall and dine at their tea room! So, perhaps I'm preparing myself for the perfect antique shopping and tea sipping outfit.

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Details: 1. 1950s vintage sheer grapefruit party dress, allencompanyinc 2. 50s peter pan collar button up sheer sweetheart line yellow dress, 23stein 3. Vintage 1950s blush beaded lace party dress, revivalhouse 4. Vintage 1960s pink illusion lace sheer shortie nylon nightgown, mysweetiepiepie 5. Everybody here wants you vintage grunge lace mini babydoll dress, persephonevintage 6. Vintage pink blush lace collar sweetheart blouse, scarlettvintage 7. Lace cream satin bow vintage dress, salvagelife 8. Peggy Hunt lace bodice dress, adelaidehomesewn

I would also like to thank Tieka from Selective Potential! I won her giveaway for a lovely gift basket filled with some of her favorite things.. I absolutely adore personalized gifts like that. I will fill everyone in with pictures and whatnot when the basket arrives! Tieka is a beautiful woman who I feel has been SO incredibly supportive in my new baby blog and I really look up to her a lot! So if you haven't checked out Selective Potential, I highly suggest you prepare yourself for some adorable couple photos with her husband, fun travel stories, great, unique photos, and lovely fashion posts.


  1. OH my goodness. I'm in love with all of those dresses. They're perfect!

  2. Awww thank you so much! And I'm so glad you won! It was really funny that I pulled out your name at such random like that because I absolutely adore your blog and have from the very start! Can't wait to see the photos!

  3. Oh, their all so lovely, but I simply adore the 4th dress.

  4. That yellow dress is pure love. Congrats on winning Tieka's giveaway! Annie.